Tick - tock, tick - tock
Hear the ticking clock
Note the moments lost
Count the climbing cost

God gives to each of us
The time to order focus
First His divine purpose
In Him place our trust

In order to get it right
Seek God the guiding light
Then life is not a waste
Don’t delay, make haste

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I will hasten to define
The phenomenon call time
It is really life, you know
God has measured it so

Time is all we’ve got
God’s purpose is our lot
So let’s be up and doing
His will alone pursuing

However long our days
We must avoid delays
So prevalent in our way
Most evident in our stay

Time may be a moment
Or just an ordered event
An opportunity or a chance
Someone’s life to enhance

It’s not just about me and I
Or when hurt brings a sigh
But all of God’s creation
Should engage our attention

By now we all should see
Time is not a place to be
But a facility to be used
Not I but let God choose

So life is a period of time
Often its clock will chime
Reminding of its brevity
One has entered eternity
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So what do I do with time?
Order now comes into line
For but few are our days
Number them King David says

Solomon, his very first son
Reminds of the following one
A time to live and a time to die
Now that’s a fact none can deny

A necessity we dare not miss
In the order of this analysis
God is first as the order is set
Remember, we tend to forget

Order is important do realize
This is the key as we priortise
God first in all that we do
Brings success to me and you

About order take another clue
Important to me and to you
What’s really needed in this life
Are love and peace, not strife

Put them high up on the list
To omit them is a critical miss
God made us for one another
To live for His good pleasure
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Order right we won’t go wrong
Marching on bold and strong
Setting focus by the Guiding Light
Aimed at Christ so set our sight

Focus makes the difference
In a hit or miss circumstance
In all of life’s endeavours
Focus unearths the treasures

Time, order and focus, note
Make this your familiar quote
“Redeeming the time is a must
In Christ Jesus I dare to trust”

God it was that created time
Ordered all that we call mine
By His focus all came to be
By His word all that we see

Stewart Russell © 2013