Thursday, March 30, 2017

Enthused and Amused

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The earth has got to be flat
And I’ll tell you the reason why
Because people living in Australia
Are looking up at the sky.

If the earth were spherical
No way that could have occurred
Since they would be down under
And that I cannot picture.

As a sphere I would imagine
They would never see the sky
But since the earth is really flat
Anyone can see the reason why.

I know that you are laughing
And you think that I am mad
But having carefully studied this
I find it more than just a fad.

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Those so called photos from NASA
Had me fooled a long time
But I discovered it was just a trick
To mess around with my mind.

As you know and I know too
A sphere has a shape like a ball
So that people at the bottom of it
From it would likely fall.

But since the earth is truly flat
That is not the likelihood
For nobody has ever fallen off
As on a sphere some really would.

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On a clear and cloudless night
Take a good look at the moon
It bears the shape of a simple disk
So it’s flat you can assume.

Extrapolate that to the earth
And you would see just what I mean
Like the moon the earth is flat
And not round as many have deemed.
The people in Columbus’ day
Were definitely of the right notion,
Columbus never proved them wrong
On account of the size of the ocean.

You see the oceans of the earth
Are huge beyond our measure
But we pretend to know their size
And also their hidden treasure.

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We have swallowed Columbus’ lie
Even though reality says otherwise,
It is so stuck within our minds
That flat earth believers we despise.

Draw a picture of the earth
Then draw the people on the sides
Now examine what you have drawn,
Reality and fiction you’ve reconciled.

Do you see the ones at the top?
They are likely to stay in place
But very few do live in that spot,
Why, that would be a colossal disgrace.

For that is one of the coldest spots
That not many people would inhabit
So if the earth were really round
Not many people would be living on it.

Image result for images of people falling off the earth

Those along the sides and bottom
Would long have fallen off
Unless of course they are stuck with glue,
At such I would have to scoff

I know that your glue is gravity
That is the reason you would give,
But with those at the bottom upside down
How would you expect them to live?

The final point to make is this
You argue that the earth is spinning,
Stop for a moment and think about that
By now you must be grinning.

Already you have a problem
So that you have to stick people on,
Add to that a spinning earth
And those at the top would soon be gone. 

“Put on your seat-belts everyone
You are in for a turbulent ride.”
I’m just joking; there’s no need for that,
The earth is flat: no bottom, no sides.

If you must, be enthused and amused
But please don’t be confused.
You can believe whatever you choose
But please don’t fall for Satan’s ruse.

He knows how to enthuse and amuse,
He knows how to bemuse and confuse,
His objective is to misuse and abuse
Until the hope of salvation you lose.

Stewart Russell © 2017

Monday, March 27, 2017

The Goodness of God

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The goodness of God comes in many ways
He showers it upon us each and every day,
It’s every morning when we open our eyes
It’s visible on the land, in the sea and the skies.

It’s in ways we know but don’t understand
It forms part of the original Divine Plan,
It’s in benefits seen and assistance unseen
It comes in His bounty, not reserved or lean.

One look at creation and there you will see
The goodness of God to you and to me,
Behold the beauty of nature in splendor
All pointing to the goodness of its Creator.

View the same in the Garden of Eden
A habitat prepared for man at Creation,
Lost but reclaimed at the coming of Jesus
In another Garden where he resolved to save us.

It was the goodness of God that held him
On a cruel cross while dying for our sin,
Not the rusted nails as some perceived
Nor the shouts of the Jews that didn’t believe.

“Crucify him, crucify him!” they shouted then
To them he was their foe, not their friend,
But notwithstanding their ignorant chant
It was God’s goodness and not their rant.

From heaven he came ’twas the goodness of God
Took my sin and shame ’twas the goodness of God
Died in my stead ’twas the goodness of God
For me his blood was shed ’twas the goodness of God.  

It was the goodness of God that held him there
It was the goodness of God though they didn’t care
It was the goodness of God to forgive their wrong
It was the goodness of God not that misguided throng.

Today I rejoice in the goodness of God
That I made a choice for the goodness of God
And now I recline on the goodness of God
Salvation is mine since the goodness of God.

Image result for images for romans 2:4
The goodness of God leads to repentance
The goodness of God revokes death’s sentence,
The goodness of God ensures our inheritance
Of life everlasting and sin’s remittance.

Stewart Russell © 2017

Friday, March 24, 2017

The ABC of The Believer

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A is for Adoration
We give to God all praise
None but He deserves it
To Him our voices we raise.

B is for Benefactor
His relationship to us
We are His beneficiaries
Through our Saviour Jesus.

C is for Confession
Of all our sins to Him
He who saves and satisfies
And cleanses from all sin.

D is for Devotion
We give in earnestness
Of our time and resources
In giving Him our best.

E is for Everlasting
The manner of life He gives
To the one who come to Him
And in righteousness lives.

F is for God’s Faithfulness
Faithful in word and deed
Faithful every morning
And daily meeting or need.

G is for the Glorious Gospel
As in the giving of God’s Son
To die on Calvary’s cross
Praise God that work is done!

H is for my Heavenly Home
My eyes are on the prize
So I walk in steadfast hope
Right up to my demise.

I is for God’s Interest
He shows for us each day
Watching over less we slip
Guiding along His way.

J is for Jesus
Our Savior and our Lord
The word from the beginning
The Written and Living Word.

K is for the Kingdom
The Kingdom of God’s own Son
The Kingdom we’ll inherit
When the race on earth is won.

L is for God’s Love
Demonstrated in John 3:16
Romans 5 verse 8 confirms
God’s love for the redeemed.

M is for God’s Mercy
His mercy and His grace
His compassion never failing
One day I’ll see His face.

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N is for the Nativity
In remembrance of his birth
The baby born in a manger
When Jesus came to earth.

O is for Opportunity
Given to you and me
To confess Christ as Saviour
And prepare for eternity.

P is for Propitiation
The shed blood of Jesus on the cross
The penitent’s sins forgiven
To redeem the lost.
Q is for Quintessential
The perfect Lamb of Calvary
The perfect work by the perfect Son
Crucified for you and me.

R is for Reconciliation
Heirs and joint-heirs with Christ
For every born again believer
Christ paid the ultimate price.

S is for Salvation
Salvation full and free
Salvation through the blood of Jesus
Shed for you and me.

T is for Thankfulness
Thankfulness to the Trinity
God the Father, Son and Spirit
Three in Unity

U is for the Unity
Among the Godhead three
Present in the beginning
But from eternity.

V is for Victory
The victory we have in Him
Christ’s victory on the cross
Gives us the victory over sin.

W is for Walking
That is walking in the Spirit
Not fulfilling the deeds of the flesh
But righteousness our habit.

X is for X-ray
The X-ray of the Holy Word
Revealing the condition of our hearts
Drawing us closer to the Lord.
Y is for Yielding
Yielding in submission to Christ
As sons of God and daughters
Not drawn away and enticed.

Z is for Zealous
Zealous in all that we do
In service to Christ our Saviour
Till our time on earth is through.

Stewart Russell © 2017