Friday, February 20, 2015

The Bible in Poetry: Job to Ecclesiastes

Extracted from the Bible In Poetry

From Genesis to Revelation

Job was an upright man according to the Fathers view,
He was known to fear God and all evil he eschewed;
Satan hatched an evil scheme to prove God incorrect
If he should lose his riches even God he would reject.

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Well God had given permission for Satan to attack
He did his very worse to move Job from Gods track;
His property and children taken yet Job kept his cool
And at his wifes chiding he said she spoke as a fool.

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Three of his friends on hearing came to counsel Job
But criticized him the more and just added to his load;
So ridiculed and scorned in sackcloth and ash he lay
Cognizant of the fact that God gives and takes away.

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But God had restored to Job all that Satan had taken
Then rebuked his friends for the counsel they had given;
Job had not sinned although he pleaded his innocence,
In all the trials confronted he clearly showed his patience.

The Psalms

Blessed is the man that delights in the law of the Lord
Whatever he does will prosper according to the word;
The ungodly are not so but like chaff are blown away
They like all sinners will perish on that judgment day.

The Lord is that shepherd that looks after His flock,
His eyes run to and fro and he is always taking stock;
Even among their enemies he still supplies food
And he knows each by name not one would he exclude.

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Make a joyful noise raise a standard in His name,
Serve him with gladness and lift the joyous refrain;
For the Lord is good and Hes greatly to be praised
His works are wondrous; His people are amazed.

Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way?
By taking heed to Gods word each and every day;
Feeding on His word he will not sin in his heart
And walking with God nothing will keep them apart.

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Words of Wisdom

The Proverbs of Solomon, son of David the King
Speak to all lifes issues, yes, each and everything;
To know wisdom and instruction, justice and equity,
Thus avoid the schemes of them that plan secretly.


There is a time to be born and there is a time to die.
There is a time to make peace and a time to defy;
There is a season for everything thats under the sun, 
It flourishes for a while and then after that, its done.

Stewart Russell © 2013

Monday, February 16, 2015

Stewie's Silly Snippets 3

Weather Forecast

What awful wet weather these last two dry days!
Having rained for a week the weather forecast says.
The rain began yesterday and has fallen so long,
Raining the whole week and the forecast isn’t wrong.

Sun out and Snowed in

The sun was so hot that it snowed all night,
The night was so cold as the sun shone bright.
The sweat on my brow was like frozen ice,
It wasn’t a great feeling but just simply nice.

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Strong Delusions

Wood sharpens iron I know you would agree,
Steel can’t bend or break, try it and you’ll see.
Fools get wiser, the wise getting dumber,
Been here a long time but just getting younger.

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Which is it?

Here I am at the beginning starting the ending,
Yet I am at the ending beginning the starting.
If I am starting the end just when I am ending the start,
Would it be cart before the horse or horse before the cart?

Mule Sense

horse is always a horse of course, that is that!
And poor donkey’s always a jackass, that’s a fact!
mule is neither an ass nor horse, just a mule,
And will often grow up to be a stubborn old fool.

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A Play on Word Twins

Hustle and bustletit for tat,
You hit me I hit you back;
Pros and conslaw and order,
Conflict still, crossing the border.

A Play on Proverbs

Many hands make light work,
Too many cooks spoil the broth,
Ask my companion if I be a thief,
soft answer turns away wrath.

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A Play on Family

If your parents did not have a child,
Chances are you will not have one either;
Matters not how wise or otherwise,
There’s no offspring without a “him” and a “her”.

A Play on Family

Grandchildren are God’s gift to parents
For not killing their children
When they had reason to;
For had they given into to that spontaneity
Grandchildren would have been a mystery.

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My Absurd Blood Line

Before Daddy came about
Grand-daddy had fallen out;
Won’t happen to me,
I’ve got two already and going for three.

How Come?

How come numbers go beyond seven?
There are eightnineten and eleven;
Shouldn’t be any after seven, you see,
Seven ate the rest for dinner and tea.

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Someone Like You

Someone like you came into my view,
I was positively sure it couldn’t be you,
If it were you it could not be like you too,
Study for a moment how this must be true.

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Stewart Russell © 2013

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Love Is

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What is love? I’ve heard many ask,
From whom does it come?
And to whom does it go?
Tell us, we really want to know.

I have heard some try to explain it,
They try to quantify and qualify
But always there’s something missing
And often leave you still guessing.

Some say it is a feeling you feel
Like having had a delicious meal,
Others attempt to prove it by talk
But never express it in their walk.

What is love?  Can no one show me?
I am desperate and I need to see
A demonstration of this phenomenon;
Can it be found in this earthly kingdom?

Check these examples hope they satisfy,
I will not attempt to quantify or qualify;
I’ll give them to you then you can decide
By which of them you’re willing to abide.

Love is a mother reaching out to a child
And wondering the source of its pain;
Knowing no sleep till she brings relief
And rids him of his discomfort and grief.

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Love is a father watching a child
As it makes its first unsteady steps;
Walking beside in case of a stumble
Helping to avoid a discouraging tumble.

Love is a brother or indeed a sister
Ready ever to defend that sibling
That encounters a stroke of misfortune
And seeks the other’s understanding.

Love is a friend who is like a brother
Though not born of the same mother;
Does what he can to comfort another
In the time of his trouble and bother.
Love is a fireman in a burning building
Refusing to leave it till he is sure
That all of the occupants are safely out
And only then he heads for the door.

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Love is an artist who patiently paints
Aiming for that elusive master-piece
While anticipating that moment of joy
When the eyes of the world will have a feast.

Love is a teacher whose heart is troubled
By a single pupil who is unable to grasp
And with great empathy she finds a way
To bring him on par with the rest of the class.

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Love is a child who clings to a parent
Though a spanking has just occurred;
Love is a parent who hugs that child
And makes sure that love is not blurred.

Love is a kind and gracious person
Who offers help to someone in need;
Who asks and expects nothing in return
Regardless of status, ethnicity or creed.

Love is one man and one woman
Who stand before God declaring, “I do”;
And thereby forsaking all others
Cling to one another in love that’s true.

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But notice something of all the above,
Human love is limited in scope and depth
And no matter how hard we have tried
The greatest human need remained unmet.

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This need required the greatest love of all,
There’s only one on whom God could call;
His only begotten Son he did commission
To die for us was his sacrificial expression.

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God’s love looked down from on high
And saw a people he wanted to draw nigh;
A people he wanted for His very own
That He could nurture and set life’s tone.

The more He would reach out to them
The more they would spurn His love;
Till finally in the fullness of God’s time
Love came down from heaven above.

Love in human form met human kind,
Love left heaven’s glory, from it resigned
To journey to a cross to die for my sin
So that a crown of glory I could win.

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Leaving heaven’s glory to take my place,
Experiencing contempt and loss of face,
Reaching out to me in my disgrace,
His love for my hate, His amazing grace.

How can I quantify such wondrous love
Or in my finite mind attempt to qualify?
The least I can do, yea, the most I rephrase
Is surrender to Christ, my sufficient supply.

God’s Divine love pursued after my soul,
His amazing grace has made me whole.
Christ conquered Calvary removing my load,
What mercy, what grace, what love untold!

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Love is the Saviour who took my place,
Yes! Love is this sinner saved by grace,
Love is my Shepherd who is the Lamb,
I am that sheep saved by the great “I AM”.

Stewart Russell © 2015