Sunday, December 31, 2017

Hitherto Hath the Lord Brought Us

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Lord on this the final day
Of two thousand, seventeen
We give you thanks,
Three hundred sixty-five days
Are about to culminate
And Lord to be quite frank,
You have preserved us.

There have been ups and downs
We’ve encountered pleasure and pain
We have been wise and otherwise
But thought it all
There have been your blessings
Disguised and undisguised,
Thank you Jesus

Today Lord we salute you
We extol you
And we give you loads of praise,
In our weakness was your strength
In our depression there was hope
We you have raised,
In you we trust.

As we reflect on your goodness
And your benevolence
May we trust you more,
As we anticipate the ensuing year
And whatever there is
May we be daily sure
That you are with us.

Praise and honour and glory
Be unto your holy name
Forever and ever and ever
And righteousness, love and peace
Be always our hallmark
And our overarching banner
However the world may fuss.

Amen and Amen and Amen

Stewart Russell © December 2017

Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Road to Pot Holes

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Today I will write about pots
Write about what?
Yes you heard me correctly
I will do so directly and indirectly.

English is so very amusing
And at times it is so confusing
And for a fact I know you know
About the pot of gold by the rainbow.

Do you see what I mean?
Yes, pot number 1 on the scene
The pot of gold nobody has found
After looking up and down and all around.

Of course you can pot down the chicken
For pot number 2 to be finger licking,
By now you must be salivating
 So I just felt that fact needed stating.

Pot number 3 is the saucepan
Like a one-pot of which I am a fan
Everything is mixed up into one
Of that I can tell you I am very fond.

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Pot number 4 is the buck-pot
I am not surprised you asked me what,
I am not even sure of the spelling
But the duck is ready; someone is yelling!

Cohobblopot is like a carnival
It is one of several bajan festivals
Lest I forget that is pot number five
Soon the premiere pot will arrive.

The plant pot is very common
It’s the pot before pot number 7
And just in case you’re in a fix
This makes the plant pot number 6.

Pot number 7 is a starved out puppy
One that should be put out of its misery,
Commonly known as a pot-starver
This cur is a regular spot for flies to harbour.
This brings us to pot number 8
I’ll soon be through; it’s getting late,
Potbelly might just be a matter of taste
That shows up around a person’s waist.

Pot number 9 is closer to home
That and pot number 10 together roam
Potluck is of the habitual kind
Like having misfortune all of the time.

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Last but surely not least is pot number 10
Potluck and potholes must be a blend
Potholes is really a troubling matter
As along on our roads you’ll find them scatter.

Some are deep and some are shallow
When you avoid one a next one will follow
The effect on the car is a continuous rattle
Compliments of course: the pothole battle.

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It’s true our roads are in a wretched state
But on the potholes do not concentrate,
Though they are many do not despair
But of our network of roads do be aware.

Sounds familiar? I hope it does
When this was pointed out it caused a buzz,
While I appreciate our many roads
Potholes are causing us a financial load.

Shocks, bottom arms and so much more
These potholes are becoming a part of folklore
In fact I can recall a calypso or two
That focused on potholes; I am sure you do,

Four shocks are what I have to get
The results of some pothole foes I met
Day in and day out this is a fret
And up to now I don’t have the money yet.

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And this pothole patching if I may call it that
Is not doing much good and that’s a fact,
Filled in one day next day they’re back
Especially if it rains truly this is crap.

Nine pots I have passed before this one
Eight were no trouble but they are gone,
Potluck and pothole remain in co-
And together they are causing considerable woe.

Consider if you’re travelling late one night
And a tyre blows out, O what a fright!
Particularly if you are a female and all alone
And there is no charge left on your phone.

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What if the cause were a huge pothole?
What if you collided with a utility pole?
What if something more terrible happens
Far more serious than a tyre being flattened?

Potholes can throw up many varied scenarios
Depending on time and place and event
So it is all right to praise our road networks
But these potholes I absolutely resent.

I contend $400 or more as an annual road tax
Should rid us of these pothole traps
And the fact that we are a tourist attraction
We should pay potholes more attention.

Some pots are good; some pots are bad
Potbelly’s a problem and pot starver is sad
But potholes are potluck and that’s a fact
I pray the authorities will soon deal with that.

Stewart Russell © December 2

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Our Mother

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In the midst of pain and discomfort
God shows Himself to be real
A tower of strength to the feeble
As in the case of our mother who is frail

She is even more dependent on Him
As there’s not much we can do for her
“Jesus suffered much for us,” she says
And with her we must concur

On one occasion while the pain persisted
I heard her in essence say
Jesus’ pain was far more
Compared to what she suffers each day

It’s sometimes difficult to comprehend
While watching her in her wheel chair
This woman that gave birth to seven children
Now almost totally dependent for her care

Such are the vicissitudes of life, I guess
That will attend us should we live as long
As she has for more than ninety years
Though now she is not nearly as strong

So many of you have enquired after her
And your prayers have been dear to us
But the greatest consolation we have of all
Is her strong faith in her Saviour, Jesus

Thus in her weakness she is made strong
And when no one is around he’s there
And during the still watches of the night
Is when he still demonstrates he cares

For sure on him she continually calls
And there’s not an occasion he does not reply
No busy tone or temporary disconnection
His assurance is always to supply

This is not to make light of your calls
Nor indeed your kind and loving expressions
So please do continue to pour them on
Seeing you are the means of God’s ministrations
You are His love, His hands His help
And we are the beneficiaries at this time
Our mother is your mother; I hope you know
Since Eve was the mother of all human kind

Thanks to all for your prayers and thoughts
And assuring us we’re not in this alone
And if you did not call do not be distraught
Ours is a greater connection than a phone

For just the thought you’ve spared at this time
To even think about Mum Russell
Means more to us than you’ll ever know
And such helps us through our time of trial.

Stewart Russell © December 2017