Saturday, December 16, 2017

Hurry And Munch

Just a little lightness
To Take the strain away
And remind the general public
We didn't eat ham everyday.

Not that we want to go back
To living in that time
But just a little humour 
To free up the troubled mind. 

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National Social Responsibility Levy
And the Christmas leg ham
 A two-sided problem
We’re all trying to understand.

Hurry And Munch
Not too sure this time...
Ham real expensive
Especially the Farmer’s Choice kind.

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Having said this
The following don’t you miss!
Snake for a replacement
Yes, from a grunt to a hiss.

At a bank in Bim
Bank officer and client:
A conversation therein
Both are particularly defiant.

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“Good morning, Mam.”
“Good morning, Sir.
What can I do for you?”
The bank officer purrs.

“Not much,” the client replies
Encouraged by her tone,
“I thought I would come by
And get a bank loan.”

“Loans are what we do,
That’s why we are here.
Say how much you want
That’s how much we care.

Tell me your particulars
Your name and address
And if you are employed
Then put your mind at rest.

Just guarantee the payback
Of the loan we will give
For we exist
So that you can live.”

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“I am glad I came here,
You are so kind,
I was certain this Christmas
Not a leg ham would be mine.

When I had almost given up
I was told to go to the bank
And now I am here
 I have you to thank.

With the advent of the NRSL
Up went the price of a ham
And still these merchants asking
For as much as they can.

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My mind is on a leg
That is my favourite part
I just absolutely like a leg ham
With all of my heart.”

“Do you have a job, Sir?”
“No, I get lay off.”
“So how do you expect to buy a ham
At the astronomic cost?”

“Now you can see, Mam
Why I come to you.
I know full well
You would see my view.”

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“How much do you want
To borrow from this bank?
It can’t be much,
I have to be frank.”

“Fifty for a bottle of gas
And four-fifty for the ham:
Five hundred in all,
I’m so grateful to you, Mam.”

“Well, pay back will be
Fifty a week in 16 weeks time
So you can have your leg ham
And for Christmas dine.”

“Wow! Over four hundred cash
To buy a leg ham
Or eight hundred hire purchase
Through a four-month plan.

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Hurry And Munch
All those who still can
With another rise in the NRSL
Just a few would have a leg ham.

As for the five hundred, Mam
Cancel that loan.
With some cheese and biscuits
I can manage on my own.

I have a personal responsibility
To eat everyday
But this social responsibility
Getting in my way.

I want to be patriotic
And to be social too
But a leg HAM and the NRSL
Are two opposing views.

Enjoy your Christmas
Even without the leg ham
And thank God for another year,
A good day to you, Mam.”

Stewart Russell © December 2017

Friday, December 15, 2017


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Helping others builds character
I trust that you can see
That giving assistance to someone
Builds character in you and me

No one that thinks only of self
Gets any further than himself
He is like a precious book unread
That remains upon the shelf

His friends he never trusts
Since he rarely knows them at all
And they are of little value to him
If they are not at his beck and call

Obsessed with self is blindness
Of all the beauty that’s around
It’s like a face though well formed
Misshapen by a frown

At odds with all the world
Because one doesn’t have it all
Is like digging the deepest hole
And then taking a headlong fall

But on the other hand
As we all reach out to others
In such is character building
Of a totally different matter

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There is a sense of wellbeing
Whenever we show we care
Not a smug selfish satisfaction
But joy at being able to share

It is like the goodwill operation
Of the sort we see at a certain time
How we wish it were all year through
This goodwill of the Christmas kind

It gives the world a different shape
And it hums a different tune
And even in the time of recession
There is still a giving boom

Image result for images for luke 2:13
It was the first Christmas message
Delivered at the Saviour’s birth
Glory to God in the Highest
And peace and good will on earth

It goes hand in hand with peace
Goodwill is what I mean
And when and wherever it’s exercised
There is always a peaceful scene

Its beginnings are in humility
Have a look at the nativity scene
Never ever does it commence
In the palaces of kings and queens

It reaches to the humblest person
And the high must be brought low
It breaks the trend of the darkness
When the goodwill light starts to show

A tear is replaced by a smile
Unless of course it’s a tear of joy
Even a misshapen self-bent face
Is changed when goodwill is deployed

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You would recall the famous Scrooge
A miserable, despicable humbug
Note the change that came over him
At the point of goodwill and love

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Zacchaeus was another character
Obsessed with only himself
But a dose of goodwill from Jesus
And he started distributing his wealth

Goodwill’s source is the Saviour
That gives in abundance to the world
Its acquisition and utility
Are to be found in the Holy Word

Make everyday like Christmas
With the goodwill deposited in you
Help to change the world around
From its topsy-turvy view

Stewart Russell © December 2017