Monday, October 26, 2015

De Pain De Pain

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De pain, de pain it got muh fuh so,
It got me in me back as well as me toe!
From morn till night I can't get nuh rest,
I could only groan and moan at de very best.

De doctor check me over wid he stethoscope,
I can't begin to tell you how he press and poke.
I could see he did puzzle, he en had a clue,
Time for a next opinion I tink I done wid you.

From doctor to doctor I still in real pain,
Dem en know wuh wrong but still mekking gain,
Still tekking me money and driving me insane,
It matter not if it be sun or if be blinding rain.

A friend tell me you got arthritis or lumbago,
I would see another doctor if I did you though.
But that I did doing morning, noon and night,
Still when dis pain hit muh it does gih muh a fright.
I don't know wuh to do I must be try everyting,
It got me weak in muh spirit I can't even sing,
A old fellow tell me you should see a specialist,
I just look in he face and then I shook muh fist.

Cause I went to dem too and spend real money
Only to hear you got a very grave problem, sonny.
Take these pills after every meal and also before
And when they have gone do come back for more.

I tek all de pills and then went back for some again
While all de time all I getting is pain and more pain.
I tell de specialist but dese pills en doing me nuh good,
He tell me, "Sir if I could do better I really, really, would."

Yuh don’t have to look close to see my predicament,
I spen more than I had and now I en even got a cent.
I can’t even think ‘bout de doctor one more time
Cause if I en got a cent yuh know I en got a dime.

  I know wuh you thinking; wuh ‘bout my family,
If dey so uncaring that duh can’t even help me?
But dey got their troubles too, if dey could dey would,
But fuh right now dem too got to do as they should.

Yuh see we got to be real, we can’t just pretend
That all problems solve once we got money to spend,
Cause I gine tell yuh man I spen a pretty piece
Yet I still hey wid dis problem and can’t get nuh relief.

Listen doctors are important, I am sure you agree
But dem en got all de answers no matter how big dey fee.
Dem families got pain too and not much dey could do
Wid all de brains dey got and dey medical point of view.

So who can I turn to especially when all de money gone?
Who can I go to when pain hitting me from dawn till dawn?
Who could help me out ta dis pain and misery?
Tell me somebody that you know that could help me!

I waiting fuh de answer… like wunna en know nobody,
Cause wunna gone silent pun me; dis must be a mystery.
Well I guess I must be at my wit’s end, I can’t get no aid,
I must be do something real bad and now I getting paid.

Yes wunna old hypocrites what I sow I now gotta reap!
You feel it is justified cause de pain won’t let me sleep?
Which a wunna did always pun de narrow and straight?
Don’t let me begin to tell wunna wuh I hearing hey of late.

De truth be told, none o’ we hey en widout a fault,
If you want to blame my pain on sin hold up and halt!
Cause if pain was commensurate wid wrong tings we do
De people widout pain would be less than a few.

Wait, hold a minute, I like I getting a lull in de pain,
I tink I getting a message, it beginning to reach muh brain.
It getting plainer and clearer, yes, here is what it says,
My grace is sufficient for you, trust me in all your ways.
  But what about de pain I asked; I’ve prayed so many a time,
Trust me, trust me, He said and on me you can recline.
But what about de pain I asked you promised to bring relief,
Yes but all in my good time He said, don’t give up your belief.

Yes but what about de pain I nagged and nagged again,
Keep on trusting, He said, for your trust will never be in vain.
I hear you Lord, but do you understand what I’m going through?
I know only too well my child I sent my Son to die for you.

He suffered much pain and anguish the like you’ve never known,
He took it all upon himself and from that cross his love was shown
For a world so burdened with guilt and sin right there he died,
So that freedom from a greater pain you will never be denied.

So I’ll pose to you this question one you’d better not ignore,
For the more you try to avoid it, it’ll hurt you more and more.
The pain of sin, is it not greater than de pain that’s in your back?
For even should that go away there still would be a painful lack.

For de pain that’s in the body is nothing like that in your soul,
Doctor Jesus is the only one that can free us and make us whole.
Doesn’t cost us a single cent for He has paid the required price
When to Calvary’s cross he went, that was the ultimate sacrifice.

This invitation is offered to you; please come without delay,
There is a cure for de greater pain, yes come to Him today.
He is the balm in Gilead that will heal de pain and shame;
New brand he will make you so that you will never be the same.

Acknowledge his supremacy then confess your inadequacy,
Trust him to heal de pain and he will restore your serenity.
Just confess your sin to him, allow him first place in your heart,
For with the heart man believeth and confession is the way to start.

De pain de pain I hear you ask; has it all gone away?
No, I will have to tell you but I know that Jesus is my stay.
With my confidence in him I can confront challenges and the strife,
Despite de pain his grace is sufficient to live each day of this life.

Stewart Russell © 2012