Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Redemption Draweth Nigh

The writing’s on the wall
Even written across the sky,
World events seem to suggest
That redemption draweth nigh.
Oh, I know you’ll fuss and say
I have heard that all my life,
But I have news for you today,
Note the upward trend of strife.

Things are really heating up
As prophesied in God’s Word;
Evidenced by CNN, BBC and Fox News
Listen my friend: haven’t you heard?

There’s Ebola and the like
So puzzling to the mind,
As Chikungunya plus dengue
Cause our health service to decline.

Earthquakes in numerous places,
Famines and pestilence too,
Wars and mounting skirmishes
As countries emphasise their view.

Again I hear your response,
As you argue that’s nothing new,
But in a moment of honesty
You’d note the speed at which it grew.

For never before, as it is now
These happenings near to home;
Always occurred in far off lands
But certainly not in our zone.

In the Holy Word we read
How things will only get worse,
But cynics laugh and scoff as well
And continue to satisfy their thirsts.

At present, downturn and recession
Have the whole world in its grip,
The more upbeat the forecast
The faster we seem to slip.

International currencies struggle
To maintain their financial edge;
While stock markets teeter-totter
On an unstable economic ledge.

Global warming is on the rise,
The price of progress, perhaps;
As man seeks out new frontiers
And strives to make new contacts.

For somewhere in the universe
There’s a voice other-than-his-own,
Not God’s, he has determined
But beings from another zone.

So as his knowledge increases,
He tries to reach that voice
And one day he truly believes
That he’ll vindicate his choice.

Travel has become commonplace
Across our world and outer space;
And as our technology improves
No doubt we’ll make greater haste.
Meanwhile there’s moral decay
As the family takes a broadside hit;
Two daddies or two mummies
Were never meant to be a family unit.

Persons of great intelligence demand
That sexual preference be respected;
An admission of the Creator’s own design
Is the fact that they’ve rejected.

This rapid increase of knowledge,
With the prevalence of our space travel
Speaks to the coming of our Lord,
In Whose Book it’s easily unraveled.

And so, as we look all around us
And see the happenings of the times,
Don’t get flustered and become shy
For our redemption draweth nigh!

Try not to guess the day or hour
Or, like the cynics, laugh and deny,
For in a moment that you think not,
Our redemption draweth nigh!

Now as the Spirit continues to strive
Do no longer the Lord deny;
Any day now He will arrive
For our redemption draweth nigh.

Stewart Russell © 2014

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

News! News! Read All About It!

News! News! Read all about it!
Daily bad news becoming a habit,
Tabloids full of distressing news
Accompanied by ghastly reviews.

All across the international scene
You hear the newsboys scream,
Local and through out the region,
Read all about it! To us they beckon.

When will it end, all this bad stuff?
Who is able to say “that is enough”?
All around the signs are obvious,
They all point to the return of Jesus.

The Word of God has prophesied,
It is dependable; on it we can rely,
Never was found to be wrong before,
We can be sure there’s more in store.

Rumous of wars and so much strife,
Two men becoming husband and wife,
Women determined not to be outdone
Doing likewise as though it were fun.

Little regard for the sanctity of life,
Snuffed out by gun or rope or knife,
From early children join in the fray,
Mayhem as we watch in utter dismay!

CNN, BBC and the news from Fox
All across the world and in every spot
There is carnage and abundant loss
Of limb and property; Oh what a cost!

Higher inflation and deeper recession,
Added suppression, more depression,
Increased work with reduced wages,
Are the challenges our mind engages.

Disobedient children, errant students,
Morality dying and depravity vibrant,
Leaders throwing up hands in the air,
Even the church beginning to despair.

Around the world the news is bad
Latest news, worst we’ve ever had,
Worst to come the Bible foretold
As men in their greed become more bold.
The bad news continues so listen up!
As humanity gulps his bitter cup,
Our fore parents took the very first sup
And succeeding generations did corrupt!

The Jews and Arabs cannot get along,
Whites accuse blacks for all the wrong,
Powerful countries prepare for battle,
Listen out for humanity’s death rattle!

The bad news is that it’s getting darker
And the life we live will become harder,
Don’t be fooled by our leaders’ outlook,
Check the Bible; it’s written in the Book.

Some pundits predict it will get better
As things begin to ease and get slacker,
Some economies await the trickle down
As major economies begin to turn around.
Concerning the current wave of crime
Some say it was worse at another time,
Fair analysis says worst that ever was,
Yet “no need for alarm” is still the buzz.

A myriad of diseases of the horrid type
But no need to bother, cure’s within sight,
For every single promise that goes awry
“It’s under control” is the shameless cry.

This old rumour that it’s getting worse
Is said to be a plot the churches rehearse
To get fearful people into their pews
For the leaders to use as personal tools.

This is the set up to fool you and me,
Not as bad as it seems, the chronic plea,
God’s word says bad will become worse
As the wicked seek to satisfy their thirst.

Don’t be fooled, my brother and sister
That fatal injuries are only skin blisters,
Looks like we’re in the departing hall,
Any day now can be the reception call.

For when they say “Peace and safety”,
Then comes destruction and tragedy
As travail comes upon a woman with child
And all means of escape will be denied.

But you my brethren are of the Light,
Not of darkness that impedes one’s sight,
Let not the false news dull your senses,
View all news through the Bible’s lenses.

And now for the Good News, tune in!
It’s after the bad news caused by Sin,
After the false news made of the bad,
Here’s the Good News that can be had!

News! News! Read all about it!
God’s Holy Word is that tablet
In which we find His Good News
Pointing the way that we should choose!

Precise, to the point and life giving,
News to improve the life you’re living,
Helps you deal with the news you hear,
Reduces stress and manages fear!

Read it for yourself in God’s Holy Word,
His news is Truth, haven’t you heard?
It’s life saving truth for you and me
Ridding us of Sin’s curse and tragedy.

Read attentively the News God gave,
He who believes in Me will be saved,
Confirmed by His Son the Lord Jesus Christ
Ensured through His perfect sacrifice.

Died on Calvary two millennia ago,
Rose from the grave to make it so,
Our salvation from His grace overflows,
Now I can be sure the Good News I know.

Come unto me He reassuringly says,
Follow Me and let Me change your ways;
I will be with you and brighten your days
And light your life with My Son-shine rays.
The Good News is, Jesus came and died,
It’s a fact that many strongly deny,
Yet today He is alive and reigns
Ready to help all who call on His name.

Get your copy of the Good News today!
Let God inscribe it in your heart to stay!
Walk with Him whatever the bad news say!
In your heart and life let Him have His way!

Stewart Russell © 2014

Saturday, December 13, 2014

My Solution for Your Confusion

Looking for a compass to point the way?
In a rut not knowing whether to go or stay?
A ‘déjà vu’ experience over and over again?
Remedies a plenty but none to ease your pain?

Well I have got news for you so listen up!
You don’t have to settle for this world’s muck,
There’s better for you so please attend
To the following word, it may at first offend.

I point you to the Word that’s forever true
The Bible, not the others you have reviewed,
It might not be the most popular on the shelf
But it will give you the best picture of yourself.

Hold on a minute!  Don’t be too fast to dismiss,
This book will help you, it will definitely assist
In the many situations you face in this life,
It’ll point the way through life’s maze and strife.

Now that I have your attention let me continue,
Forget all the stuff that you thought you knew,
This world’s knowledge will never help you
Without God’s wisdom no matter your view.

In the beginning God that is where we start,
From all other claims and propositions depart,
Notice there is no attempt to give a preamble;
All who try to argue one are sure to ramble.

God is His own first cause there’s none beside,
He is the “I AM” meaning in eternity he resides,
In Himself he consists, He is holy and true,
He is indebted to no man not to me not to you.

He sits on His throne and from there He reigns
Over all His creation just as the Bible claims,
His was the Word that spoke it all into being,
In six days He created all that we are seeing.

God’s spirit did move over the darkness deep
And along with the Word gave us all this treat,
This earth as our habitation as long as we live,
Acknowledge Him now and praise to Him give.

In Eden’s garden He created a woman and man
Not in that order but I must rhyme as I planned,
The man was made first created from the earth
His rib formed the woman taken from his girth.

Both of them fell when God they disobeyed
You need no longer wonder about the chaos today,
That was the beginning of all the evil you see
When they decided God’s way was not the way to be.

Many people argue about the nature of the fruit
And until Jesus returns they will continue to dispute,
But the real issue is they disobeyed God’s instruction
And just like today that leads to man’s destruction.

Thought I would give you an idea how it all started
How man going his own way from God had departed,
And to inform that the Good News starts with the bad
And without this understanding you’ll always be sad.

Many are disillusioned by the messages they hear
Simply because the bad news is not made clear,
How sin separates them from the God who is love
And from the Saviour whom He sent from above.

The Good News starts with the bad news of Sin
You’re not as good as you think but rotten within,
Sin’s cancer is terminal and you are already dead
Headed for the final destination, hell’s eternal bed!

Your compass is damaged; it is seriously broken,
You’ve listened to the rest now the Word has spoken,
Reject God’s word and the bad news gets worse
Sever this lifeline and your life will remain cursed.

It is Jesus who is the way the life and the truth
The evidence is in the Bible and there’s the proof,
It is he who says he that comes he will never cast out
Let him renew your compass and rid you of doubt.

Come and confess your sin and before him bow!
Discard that broken compass and do it right now!
Invite him into your life and he’ll direct your way
With a brand new compass, give him absolute sway!

Surrender all to God, yes! Everything you own,
Let Him take up residence put Him on your throne,
You will never regret having made Him your Lord
And trust in your new compass, His Holy Word.


Jesus is the way I have established that before,
You’ve looked elsewhere and found none that’s secure,
With the Master on board heaven’s election is sure
You’ll have peace in this life and in eternity much more.

I’ll end with this invitation, might be your last chance,
Jesus took those nails, in his side the piercing lance,
On the cross he suffered his blood was shed for you
Forgive them he said for they know not what they do.

Looking for a compass to point the way?
In a rut not knowing whether to go or stay?
Invite Christ into your life; invite him today!
Your way will become harder the longer you delay.

Stewart Russell © 2014