Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Give of Your Best to The Master

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Give of your best to the Master,
For Him only our best is the best,
Naught from Him withholding
It’s time we give Him the rest.

He gave His best for you and me
When he offered his life on the cross,
He suffered in pain and in anguish
So that we should not be lost.

What have you given to the Master?
He has given so much for you,
Time to give your best to the Master
Have Him alter your misguided view.

Give of your best to the Master,
He deserves first place in your heart,
You were on His mind in eternity
Before the foundation of the world had a start.

Give of your best to the Master
He desires every bit of your heart,
He will pardon, transform and enable you
So that from Him you would never part.

Give of your best to the Master
He demands you regard Him as Lord,
Lean upon him as your Creator
And totally depend upon His word.

For when you give your best to the Master
You will receive His best from Him,
He does nothing in half measure
He will forgive you wholly of your sin.

His blessings are infinitely abundant,
He gives and gives and gives again,
His resources can never be exhausted
In His word you can find that claim.

Give of your best to the Master
He promised you he would never forsake
Run into the folds of His mercy
Let Him show you the best He can make.
Let this be the goal of your existence
To give Him the best that you can,
Give of your best to the Master
For your life He has the perfect plan.

Stewart Russell © June 2017

Friday, June 23, 2017

When Did Wrong Become Right?

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In the equation seven plus three equals eleven
Eleven appears somewhat strong,
If you said eleven is wrong then you are right,
Seven plus three equals eleven is wrong.

Somewhere in that verse are right and wrong,
Actually there are two wrongs and a right,
“Two wrongs don’t make a right,” someone once said
But these days the wrong definitely takes the limelight.

There was a time when this issue was clear
Certainly far clearer than it is today
But with the advent of the intellectual
Alternative facts are now holding sway.

The recipe for confusion is now in our hands
Particularly if you went to university
And what is worse at this particular time
Are the many scholars with a (Ph.D.).

There was a time when a Ph.D. was scarce
But today there’re like the summer rain
And the more academic our scholars become
The more they are inclined to be insane.

Our legislators are learned men
Mostly elected by the majority vote
Such that “The majority rules is a fallacy”
A clearer look would suggest that is a misquote.

The majority rules in the election
For therein is the stamp of a democracy
But thereafter democracy goes into hibernation
And policy is determined by a minority.

And not all of the elected have the same weight
For some are more equal than some,
It all depends on which side they sit
Whether the losing side or the side that won.

Just a few determine what’s right and wrong,
They determine the laws of the land
And depending on what side they woke up on
It could go right or wrong on the other hand.

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Right’s bookmark is oft repudiated
And a strong stance is taken for the wrong,
The Bible is deemed archaic and outmoded
And replaced by the wrong and strong.

When did wrong become right?
The matter of the fact is that it never did
But the academics of our time and age
Have from our view the Bible hid.

“It’s a book of myths and legends,” they opine
Full of fairy tales and amusing fables,
Read it as you would any another book
But do not be misled by its so-called miracles.

When did wrong become right?
From the day that Adam and Eve had sinned,
That was the origin the Bible explains,
The question “Hath God said?” is the place to begin.

Back then the right was as clear as clear can be
But wrong intruded and blurred the lines
Then wrong appeared right and Eve was confused
And so to the wrong she was inclined.

From that moment wrong had an advantage
Exacerbated by the nature of man
Who was inclined to formulate his own idea of right
Even if it conflicted with God’s sovereign plan.

From then till now it has really mushroomed
Leaving us bewildered in its wake
Faced with the question we have in this poem
When so much in this life is at stake.

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The ayes have it; that’s the way it pans out
A lot of talk of not much content,
The question is posed and the vote is called
And wrong becomes right as the original intent.

Two men: the right to form a family
With the right to raise someone’s child
Two women: the right to a marital union
With all of its conjugal ramifications applied.

“When did wrong become right?” I ask again,
When did we become so deluded?
At sensitivity’s death and at conscience demise
When all that used to be right was openly disputed.

When we got to know better or so we thought,
When accumulated knowledge got to our head,
When winning a seat made us brighter than most
And we exchanged our humanity for divinity instead.

When university became an end in itself
And its graduates strutted around as having reached,
That moment when a little knowledge makes one mad
And basic commonsense was totally breached.

When children took over and parents stepped back,
When anarchy presided in the home,
When teachers appeared powerless to stem the tide
And schools became a veritable war zone.

When the church flirted with a confused world
Convinced that the grass was greener that side
And its leaders like politicians suddenly arrived
Raking in millions while some members merely survive.

“When did wrong become right?” I reiterate,
When sympathy and empathy gave way to greed,
When a people that once regarded God
Become like in Noah’s day a despicable breed.

Is there a chance of there being any hope?
Not if we continue on this precipitous slope,
For wrong seen as right is worse than dope
And once blind leads blind all will continue to grope.

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Return to God’s instruction and evil eschew
Stop following the multitude who after wrong pursue
God’s instruction manual is available to you
Let it fix your eyes and correct your view

Then the eyes would have it; the correct view that is
Of wrong and right from God’s own view,
In this world of the blind your vision will be clear
And you’ll walk in the light of what you once knew.

“When did wrong become right?” the sixth time I ask
Though the question implies a misnomer,
The only wrong that was right is in your mind
It’s time to stop and let God take over.

Stewart Russell © 2017

Monday, June 19, 2017

The Ayes Have It

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The ayes have it; it is clear to see
That is the evidence of the vote,
The nays had their chance but the ayes have won
Let the record duly note.

A convincing argument though lacking substance
With loud voice and booming sound
Aroused the slumbering, befuddled voters
Though nothing of essence could be found.

What an enlightening presentation
Punctuated with questionable stats!
But given the oratorical skills of the speaker
The majority registered them as facts.

So the vote carried as we thought it would
Since the vote was really for the man,
It did not matter what he had said
To give him the nod was the their plan.

The ayes have it; the nays have lost
It’s a win for democracy,
From the people of the people by the people
Here is a man of integrity.

Offering to serve this people
With whom he once identified
Having once lived among them
Qualified him fit to apply.

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And so the ayes once had it
But now he cannot see
For what the ayes have has blinded him
To his own misery.

Now self-made and a law unto to himself
Having parallax vision and a myopic view,
Clearly a case of the “I” disease
And how to fix it, not a single clue.

Yes the ayes have it; they got their man
Though he no longer cares about their plan,
Applying to serve he now wants to be served
His so-called service is only a sham.

Parallax vision and short-sightedness,
Yes, the ayes have it with their distorted view,
Misstep after misstep with nary a clue
Now a hodgepodge of misfits makes up his crew.

So all must suffer, the ayes and the nays
And even those of the in-between,
The ayes always have it even if they’re wrong
For they are the ones presiding over this scene.

No balm for the eyes weary and strained
No temporary restraint or ease,
Having made our bed in it we must lay
“The ayes have it, yes that dreaded disease.

Stewart Russell © May, 2017 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

To Fathers Everywhere

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To fathers everywhere
Have a blessed Father's Day!
Let God, your heavenly Father,
Hold over you His sway.

As you raise your young ones
Let God have His sovereign way
And for each and every blessing
Praise to Him continually pay.

Model God as your Father
And a good example always be,
This world needs godly fathers
For every child to see.

Nothing worthwhile comes easy
So you have your work cut out
But Father God has promised
To answer when you shout.

Be the head of your family
As is your heavenly Father!
Be there for them in sorrow
And also in times of laughter!

And if you’ve made a wrong step
It’s not the end of the road,
Just turn to your heavenly Father
He’ll share your heavy load.

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Not one of us is perfect
Even though God calls us all to be
But when we trust Him as our Father
He will show us personally.

So that our children too by extension
Will learn the secret of trust
From a father whose Father is God
And thus learn to walk with Jesus.

So to fathers here and everywhere
Have a happy Father's Day!
Let God, your heavenly Father
Lead you in His righteous way.

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Reach up and take God’s hand
With your children’s hands in yours
And together you will climb
Just how the eagle soars.

Stewart Russell © June, 2017

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Wind

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The wind can send you to sleep
Or the wind can keep you awake,
Sometimes it wafts a fragrance sweet
Or quite a foul odour makes.

The wind we cannot see
But we know when it’s around,
The evidence is stark and clear
As we hear its many sounds.

It may rustle through the trees
Or it may whistle along the wires,
Bits of paper oft disturbs
Or it may drive a lit-up fire.

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The wind has many faces
But I will just describe a few
Like the wind that’s calm and cool
Or stirs the cold midnight dew.

It can snarl with an ugly face
As it creates strife for many a mile
Or cool down the midday heat
With a reassuring little smile.

It can create havoc on the seas
And send a ship adrift
Or it can simply fill a sail
And give a seafarer’s heart a lift.

It can play ripples on the ocean
Or rock a tourist to sleep,
The wind, it can get so terribly angry
And send a boat to the briny deep.

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Yes the wind is air in motion
As we learned in the science class,
It’s caused by high and low pressures
And may move slowly or fast.

Besides our needed oxygen
And carbon dioxide for our plants,
It will spin the big wind turbines
And dry a dress or pants.

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The wind can amuse little children
As their kites fill them with glee
But sometimes it can be quite horrible
When that kite ends up in a tree.

A mixed personality has the wind,
Perhaps even by-polar at times,
Right now it’s calm and reassuring,
Later it can leave you in a bind.

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It can cause untold damage
As though full of revenge and hate
And later caress a hillside brow
As though they were on a date.

Sometimes we call it the air
And other times we name it the wind
Depending on the mood it’s in
Either of these we will likely rescind.

However, we praise God for the wind
Though destructive it can be,
We give Him thanks for its usefulness
And that up until now it is still free.

Stewart Russell © May, 2017