Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Bible in Poetry: The Beginning

Extracted from the Bible In Poetry

From Genesis to Revelation


Genesis to Revelation the victory that Jesus won,
Genesis to Revelation the evidence of God’s Son;
Genesis to Revelation the witness of God to man,
Genesis to Revelation: truth of redemption’s plan.

Creation versus Evolution

Some say its a big bang, they say its just a theory,
I believe creations account because it is His story;
I didnt come from slime; I have no monkey parts,
God created man; I believe, sincerely from my heart.

They continue to preach about random selection,
And claim that this is true from years of observation;
I believe the Word of God how this world came to be,
No selection of the species but by God Almighty.

In the very beginning was the eternal Godhead,
The Father and the Spirit and the Word that led
In the creation of the heaven and the entire earth,
Adam and Eve, the first before a natural birth.

Sin Enters and Rages

Placed in Eden's garden and instructed to reside,
Disobeyed God's command, from Him tried to hide;
From their privileged spot they were banished,
Their trouble-free life had now simply vanished.

Into this great challenge came Cain and then Abel,
One strived to follow God the other was bent on hell;
Abel became the first victim, the first ever homicide,
When at the hands of Cain his own brother, he died.

Cain who was a farmer, who was living off the sod,
Was afterward sentenced to live in the land of Nod;
Then along came Seth, the second God-fearing man,
And from here continued the growth of the human clan.

Two multiplied to four and four multiplied to eight,
Thus growing exponentially into one great state;
Brothers married sisters and so too their offspring,
Married one another and children they also bring.

And so the population with rapidity would grow,
Back then people lived nine hundred years or more;
But along would also come every imaginable vice
As men became more evil and paid a lofty price.

But Enoch had walked with God just as God intended,
Thus he did not die but simply just ascended;
Some say he is a type of the rapture that's to come,
When God prepares the Church for His coming Son.

Enoch begat Methuselah, the word of God declares,
Who lived upon the earth nine hundred sixty-nine years;
Some would rather trust the Guinness book of records,
I choose to believe Genesis the book of God's concord.

God viewed man He created while sitting on His throne,
Werent He God Almighty surely He would have groaned;
Determined there and then he had had all that he could,
Guess what happened next! Then came a monstrous flood.

Noah had warned the people each and every year,
But all they ever did was to mock at him and glare;
Oh, they had their fun in their contrived play park
Right down to the moment Noah entered the ark.

Then the flood had come and washed them all away,
The waters purged the earth for many, many a day,
Next across the sky was seen a radiant glow,
Of Gods certain promise, a multi-coloured rainbow.
A New Beginning

Thus a new beginning had come for the human race,
A tribute to Gods mercy and His amazing grace;
Commanded to go forth and replenish the entire earth,
First created from the dust but now by natural birth.

Earths population grew as God had given increase,
Men began to falter and their faith in God decreased.
Feeling rather secured in their self-righteous power,
They tried to climb to heaven by building up a tower.

But their silly dream soon became a nightmare
As God would scatter them all both far and near;
The tower failed to reach anywhere near God's throne,
As Gods almighty power to man was clearly shown.

A Man of Great Patience

Then we learn of Job and of his great experience,
Satan had resolved to make him lose his patience;
Lost his sons and daughters, left with only his wife,
Curse God and die, she said, end your stupid life.

She was talking nonsense, was speaking like a fool,
She had allowed the devil to use her as his tool;
But Job, he took a stand, tenaciously held his ground,
Making up his mind, she wont be pulling me down.

But God had proved the point; the devil lost the fight,
Job had won a victory, God had shown His might;
God restored to him much more than he had before,
Showing to all and sundry, God has so much in store.

Father of the Faithful

Enter father Abraham; called to leave his kin,
And journey to a land God would show to him.
He marched right on in faith with God as his Guide,
His confidence also boosted with Sarah by his side.

Diverting once to follow the counsel from his wife,
Up came a predicament, his two sons meant strife;
Ishmael was forced to go so reluctantly he went,
Isaac was the promise, the seed that God had sent.

One day out of heaven the sternest of tests came,
Abraham, take Isaac and offer him in My Name.
Abraham heard and knew it was God that spoke,
Without doubt he knew that this test was not a joke.

Early from home he set out and headed for the place,
Determined to be obedient but trusting God for grace;
Intent on following through on God's precise command,
Raised the knife to strike as the angel stopped his hand.

Abraham had passed the test and God gave him the nod,
Now I know, the angel said, the fear you have for God.
From this we can preview the Lamb that was to come,
The Lamb slain before the world, Gods own begotten Son.

Abraham was truly pleased that God had spared Isaac,
There in a nearby thicket a lamb was securely trapped;
Provided by God the Father and placed in open view,
A shadow of the Lamb to come provided for me and you.

Jacob followed Isaac, and Joseph his favourite son
Was the scourge of his siblings, the object of their fun;
He was sold into Egypt, rose to second in command,
Then fed all his family when a famine struck the land.

God was always with him and granted him His favour,
So to all his family he became a type of Saviour;
He repaid their evil dealings with kindness and with love,
At last they came to realize his help was from above.

But Joseph died in Egypt and there in his coffin lay,
Requesting that he be moved on an appointed day;
He told them of Gods visit and of a coming change,
Theyd leave the land of Egypt just as God arranged.

Josephs bones would not be left in Egypt on that day,
When God delivers them and sets them on their way;
So down in the land of Egypt Joseph would remain,
Until the land of Canaan was theirs to make their claim.

Stewart Russell © 2013

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Imagination - Over and Under


Over and Under
The following is an exercise in creativity. It is an escape into one of the many times in your career where your boss will probably ask you to take an abstract thought, or a word or a phrase and ask you to “do something with that for me!”
Here’s my shot at Over and Under!


Overwhelmed was under-looking Overactive.

 Underachiever was Overawed by Overqualified.
Underestimated was being over-emotional and Understated was overcome by Underhanded’s over-familiarity with Underfoot.

Overshadowed, Over-confident and Oversight’s comments were being underlined by Overwrought’s over-emphasizing Underscore’s over-ruling Undermine’s oversimplification of Undertone’s overall overdoing of his overacting.                  
Under-utilized went overboard when she heard that Overjoyed was over-extending himself to understand why Under-represented was overproducing overbuilt, highly over-rated, over-wrought undercarriages. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Come What May

In the tumult of life
In battle in strife
Look up and trust
Whatever the fuss!

On hill or in vale
In tempest or gale
Without or within
We can trust Him

In smooth in rough
When easy or tough
God is still the way
Whatever others say

Image result for images of rough seas 

Tried this tried that
Failed, that’s a fact
Try Jesus try now
He will tell you how

He has never failed
Never been derailed
Always been on track
His success ever intact

He knows all I need
On Him I always feed
Even when it’s dim
He fixes my eyes on him

When I go astray
He would quietly say
Give to me your hand
Listen to my command

Learning and growing
Beaming and glowing
Jesus is my portion
My love and devotion

Standing with him ever
Falling from him never
He alone my Savior
In all of life’s endeavour

Stewart Russell © 2014