Wednesday, January 27, 2016

All You Own Is Now

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Grasp this reality
Life’s unpredictability
Given our frailty
And death’s inevitability.

But I have time
There’s much I call mine
I have great health
To go along with my wealth.

Life is now a breeze
I can take my ease
I can securely rest
Free of tension and stress.

Then I heard a sound
So I looked around
No one could be found
None where I was bound.

An incessant knock
Eyes upon the clock
Time slowly ticked away
Could this be the day?

I had much stored up
Now this bitter cup
What a horrid joke!
A dream I had dared to hope.

I thought of all I had
Possessions were my fad
My dream as a little lad
Now had all turned bad.

Now my every thought
Focused on all I’d bought
All I had accumulate
Responsible for my state.

My belongings: no use
My accumulations: refuse
My memories now distant
And wealth: added lament.

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The knock was time to go
The clock said I told you so
Life now rearranged
Everything suddenly changed.

As for my inventory
Loads of useless money
Property no longer enjoyed
Reduced beneath all I employed.

Was at this very junction
I saw the real problem
I owned absolutely nothing
Zero, zilch, not a thing.

All I had was borrowed
Did not guarantee tomorrow
Couldn’t help in my sorrow
Admitted then in my horror.

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All you own is now
Try to grab that now somehow
None of the cherished possessions
Will help in that great recession.

The clock hanging on the wall
Reminds us of that call
That comes to all of us
Then the end of all our fuss.

It’s then we realize
Not speculate or surmise
The hard facts of the matter
The emptiness and clatter.

“What’s the use?” I heard me say
At sunset on that final day
Of all I had achieved
Only to leave so very grieved.

Oh, I thought I possessed much
And lived in accordance with such
Only to find as I closed my eyes
Now is the moment before demise.

Learn the moral of this poem
Let not possessions be the problem
Earned today gone tomorrow
At most they’re only borrowed.

All you have is this moment
Please learn from my lament
All of this life is transient
Apart from now you don’t own a cent.

Stewart Russell © 2014

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Compute the Following

 Image result for images of computer technology

Software and hardware
Upload and download
Uppercase and lowercase
Underline and bold

Online and offline
Twitter and Facebook
Safari and Firefox
Yahoo and Outlook

Buffer and surf
Freeze and crash
Google and view
Recycle bin and trash

Cut and paste
Insert and delete
Backslash, forward slash
Undo and repeat

Edit and format
Font and style
Tools and tables
Layout and file

Documents and folders
Text box and chart
Shapes and themes
Elements and SmartArt

Scroll box and scroll bar
Background and portrait
Megabyte and memory
Desktop and landscape

Log off and shut down
Spreadsheet and Excel
Sleep and hibernate
Apple, Samsung and Dell

Stewart Russell © 2013

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Of Puberty and Purity

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Puberty and Purity are clearly not one and the same,
In pre-puberty however, purity mostly reigns,
It’s with the advent of puberty that red flags become raised
As just around this time the sexes begin to liaise.

Puberty, O yes, this stage can be a troublous time
As the male after the female begins to pine,
All be it with a gangling frame and cracked up voice
And the female discovering her new body parts, rejoice.

Clumsiness creeps in and some spills from time to time,
Balance is a little erratic; there is less poise at the spine,
There is a bit of shyness too as covert glances exchange,
The boys a little more open bordering on the deranged.

Longer periods before the mirror as a lone finger traces
Trying to stimulate hair in the first hair promised places,
The females on the other hand turning from side to side
Examining developing body parts as before the mirror glide.

What beauty!  What finesse!  Willing movements of grace,
Swelling, appreciative appendages that accompany pimpled face,
And the boy’s manlike mannerisms, O so mesmerizing
Of dreams and mental rehearsals all day fantasizing.

High pitch squeaky voice giving way to the cracked version,
A stolen covert glance frequently utilizing his peripheral vision,
Attempting at first and discreetly so trying to get her attention
And hoping not to appear too forward and chance her rejection.

At first she appears not to even remotely notice his overtures,
She pretends no interest but hopes he would playact some more,
“Convince me,” she inwardly begs while intrigued with excitement
Hoping he wouldn’t view her behavior as disgusted resentment.

The bell rings rudely interrupting their thought process,
Signaling back to the classroom and with it the unwelcome stress
Of several disciplines with their analysis and synthesis
While at the same time dealing with this mind paralysis.

But wait a minute! It’s health and family life session,
While not the current desire maybe there is consolation,
Now is as good a time as any to make sense of these feelings
To discover why the opposite sex is becoming so appealing.

So many young people rush into an intimate relationship
And before you know it they make that careless slip,
Overwhelmed by these feelings that come with puberty
Unguided and reckless exploration takes away their purity.

At first there is the “WOW!” followed by increasing remorse
Especially the female shame and worry the likely recourse,
The male on the other has earned bragging rights
Especially if he is the first to have sampled her delights.

With their purity gone there is no way they could reverse
And start all over again to plot a different course,
The initial remorse and concern recede into the distant past
And still with childlike minds they enter the adult class.

The first time was approached with nervous apprehension
Thereafter it was mostly through spontaneous seduction,
With innocence long gone there is now little resistance
Opportunity coupled with desire breaks through token defense.

After a brief acquaintance with puberty her purity disappeared
Like a bee, off to another flower showed how much he cared,
The female after such a trip is regarded rather flippantly
Respect gone and worth devalued she gives in less reluctantly.

Purity is a virtue that should be treasured for the while,
Certainly during puberty it should not depart one’s lifestyle,
Puberty in itself is quite a challenge to be undertaken
And is not made any easier when one’s purity has been forsaken.

So young people guard your purity with God-given diligence
Ever watchful in your puberty and willing to take a stance,
Not giving into natural urges though stirred by a furtive glance,
Keeping yourself pure for your spouse and the ensuing romance.

Stewart Russell © 2015  

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Image result for images of Change

The only constant is change.
It comes in all forms and fashion;
Sometimes normal, often strange,
Sometimes denying our every passion.

It is experienced in the weather,
It is seen on every hand,
Sometimes it’s a real bother
Going against our earnest demand.

Image result for images of Change
It interrupts our life’s journey
And disrupts our careful plans,
Sometimes leaving us lonely
As though by some mysterious command.

It turns up without a face
And operates as though by design,
Then disappears without a trace
Leaving a spot of the pages of time.

It functions like the wind,
From where it comes we cannot tell,
It changes smiles to grins
And many hopes dispels.

Though faithful in its regularity
It still takes us unawares
While unleashing its severity
It can reduce strong men to tears.

We often sit and deeply ponder
How to rid us of its control,
But time and again we’re left to wonder
Why we can’t achieve this goal.

As you muse, don’t get me wrong,
Not all change is undesirable
But to the vulnerable and the strong,
This form appears most unavoidable

Who worries about change that’s good?
Nobody in his right mind,
But change that’s often misunderstood
Causes distress every time.

Change is rather unpredictable
And what is often deemed a good forecast
Thought by prevailing trends most probable
Rarely or seldom come to pass.

Predicting life’s trend is not reliable,
Human psychology is not exact,
Psychologists deal with minds indescribable,
Change doing its own thing is a fact.

I will tell you what, though,
If you will only incline your ears,
What you plant you will sow
It’s been that down through the years.

So that while change is ever constant
Some things remain the same,
Almighty God is ever present
And over His creation He reigns.

He shares His glory with none other
Than His Son and Holy Spirit,
Don’t you dare begin to snigger, rather-
Let Him change your sinful habit.

 He’ll help you make the turn
And change you through and through
Once His love you do not spurn,
His change will create a new you.

So there’s change that constantly changes
And change as in being transformed,
There is the change that Christ arranges
That change is different from the norm.

It's a change from evil to good,
A change from darkness to light,
It regulates our should not and should
And keeps us on the path of right.

Then we are better able to cope with change
No matter its form or fashion,
Whether it’s the normal or the strange
Let Jesus direct your passion.

Stewart Russell © 2015

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Justice, Mercy and Grace

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Justice is what we deserve
It’s really, simply our wage,
It’s all that we have worked for
No need to fly into a rage.

The soul that sins must die
For the wages of sin is death,
It was the law from the Garden of Eden
And well, we all know the rest.

We know how Mother Eve was deceived
And how Adam followed suit
How Satan cleverly worked his scheme
Now sin is the offshoot.

So as in the first Adam all die,
To all generations death was the wage,
Even if you live as long as Methuselah
Death will catch you at some stage.

Throughout the Old Testament phase
Animal sacrifices were made,
For the sins of all Israel’s people
A blood sacrifice had to be paid.

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Of course the sacrifice of bulls and lambs
Could not wash away sin’s stain
But this was a temporary measure
Until Jesus, the Lamb was slain.

So that God’s justice was appeased
When Jesus hung on Calvary’s tree
God’s judgment was visited on His Son
When he died for you and me.

Justice was served on that Good Friday
The price of sin was paid,
Love so amazing and so divine
The mercy of the Father was displayed.

Mercy is not getting what we deserve
Death was our just dessert
 But God in His mercy smiled on us
When His Son experienced all of the hurt.

Not only do we deserve death
But mercy should not be ours to claim,
It took the innocent blood of Calvary’s Lamb
Who mercifully spared us such pain.

How could justice be carried out
When mercy intervened?
Well, justice was pressed on God’s dear Son
So that mercy could shield the redeemed.

I should have been crucified,
God’s justice rings out loud and clear,
But Jesus took God’s judgment in my stead,
Mercy now whispers in my ear.

So justice was the death I deserved,
But in mercy I was divinely rescued
The sin on Jesus was my own
But mercifully he paid my due.

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Grace, grace, God’s marvelous grace
Extending what I didn’t deserve,
After rescuing me from a deserving death
Now a place in heaven has reserved.

In summary then, if I may
Let me put these three in perspective,
Justice, mercy and grace,
The first is death; the other two is why I live.

Justice is the death that I deserve,
Mercy rescued me from God’s judgment,
Grace gave much more than either of these,
The Triune God resides in my tent.

This triplet defines the nature of God,
A God of justice, of mercy and of grace,
A God whose arms are opened wide
Ready to rescue us from sin’s disgrace.

Stewart Russell © 2015

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Hell Bent: Whose Decision?

Image result for images of hell is a choice

Here are some questions that are puzzling to me:
Why would God send a person to hell eternally?
Why not stop that person from being born?
Why send him to hell as the punitive norm?

What evil could a man do in just a few short years?
How could he merit an eternal hell and utter despair?
How could such a God be gracious or even merciful?
Could He really be a loving God and yet be so terrible?

Well look at what he did to His Son on the cross
To save you and me from being eternally lost,
I guess you would argue that that does not add up
But Jesus really drank from death’s bitter cup.

And consider this; God has given man the choice
To choose heaven or hell as his eternal abode
It is man who chooses on his own to go to hell
Heaven could be his home if he chooses that road.

Note the progression of a man that rejects Christ
He scoffs at the Creator and the Son’s sacrifice
And professing to be wise in his very own eyes
Worships the created while the Creator he denies.

Open your Bible to Romans the very first chapter
And see how man is hell bent in his behavior,
See how he progresses on his downward spiral
Openly and blatantly disregarding God in his denial.

Don’t blame God when it is the man that refused,
Man had two clear options from which to choose,
Opting for the created while the Creator he abused
Man left himself without any worthwhile excuse.

Not only do men participate in these idolatrous sins
But they also approve of any other who does them,
While God-given consciences convict them of wrong
They pursue the broad way with the hell bent throng.

Jesus came in the flesh so that we all might believe,
Believe on the Son of God and God’s offer receive
So that in believing we may have life in his name,
Disregard this and we have only ourselves to blame.
Because Christ came to pay the price of our sin
God willingly accepts all them that come through him,
God allows people to be born to give them opportunity
To choose Jesus Christ and make heaven their destiny.

This may still be a difficult concept to grasp,
For some it may present a herculean task
But the real issue, do not allow anyone to mask
For it is a simple requirement that the Master asks.

Let’s cling to what we know about God’s nature,
Believe that His sovereignty and mercy work together,
Whatever He does or allows is for His own glory
And His love in Christ is towards you and me.

Almighty God is the Rock and his work is perfect,
All that he does is precise and accurate,
He’s the God of truth and without iniquity
A just, loving, merciful and gracious God is He.

Hell needs not be your destiny; heaven can be your home,
The choice of either of these is yours and yours alone,
Not a thread of truth that God will cause one to go to hell,
It’s the choice we make and to whom our soul we sell.

For there are two that are bidding for our soul,
To steal, kill and destroy is the devil’s only goal
But Jesus is come that we might have abundant life
And so avoid the second death and eternal strife.

Image result for images of hell is a choice
Would God send you to hell?  Yes with your consent
For to reject the Son of God is to declare your intent,
No way you can escape if you neglect God’s salvation
For to do so is a one way ticket to your own perdition.

God spared not His Son but gave him up for us,
The sin debt we owed was paid in full by Jesus
As he hung there from that cross at dark Calvary
Hell was obliterated for all who would be free.

I will praise my Redeemer for hell is not a worry for me,
Having been washed in his blood I am eternally free,
His free choice to give up his life for all my sin
Is reason enough why I surrender my all to him.

Stewart Russell © 2015

Friday, January 01, 2016

He Will Come Again

He will come again
He said he would,
He may come today…
What if he should?

Would you be ready?
Or still making plans,
For another excuse
Why last time you ran?

He will come again
Unlike the first time,
In his own words
“For those that are mine.”

He knows them all
And they know him too,
To each one of them
He is faithful and true.

He will come again
Oh you do not believe!
But he came before
Let none be deceived.

The first time he came
His own received him not,
But all that came to him
Salvation was their lot.

He still extends today
An invitation to one and all;
Before he comes a second time
Why not answer his call?

In 1 Thessalonians chapter 4
In the word of God we read,
That descending with a shout
From heaven he will lead.

All they that are dead
Will rise in that first group,
And who remain and are alive
Will form a numberless troupe.

It is this to which we refer
As being the first resurrection;
The second will be for them
Who are still showing rejection.

He will come again
It’s in the Gospel of John!
That once he went away
He’d come again; be informed!

He went to prepare a place
Where we can be with him,
But to be able to enter therein
We must be saved from sin.

So the call goes out today
It is later than you think!
He’ll come again for sure
Quicker than the eye can blink!

For as lightning from the east
Shines even to the west,
So the coming of the Son of man
Will signal our eternal rest.

Today if you hear his voice
Harden not your heart!
Say yes to Jesus now
And be ready to depart!

He will come again
I know he will,
To miss this opportunity
Could be your bitter pill.

To feel you have time
Is an uncertain stance!
It’s the devil’s way
To make you take a chance!

Do not be fooled
Tomorrow is no guarantee,
This moment is yours
To prepare for eternity.

Jesus will come again
Like God he cannot lie,
It’s certain you will see him
Whether you live or die.

He will come again
He said he would,
He may come today…
What if he should?

Stewart Russell © 2014