Saturday, January 28, 2017

A Stroll with a Difference

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I was out walking one day
A leisurely stroll you may say
When I happened on a gated community
Not quite out of my way.

It was walled almost all around
But its gates were opened wide
So having much time to spare
I thought I would venture inside.

I was impressed with the arrangement
Of the residences inside,
So particularly were they ordered
To a design definitively prescribed.

I strolled along the avenues
Inspecting each one as I went
While all the while I was thinking,
“What was the designer’s intent?”

They were mostly the same size
A few were different though
And from the elaborate edifices
One could determine the high and low.

Some appeared to be very old
While others were freshly built,
I could tell by the earth around them
There was a mixture of rocks and silt.

It was all quiet and peaceful
As though they were in for the day
Or perhaps the adults were out to work
And the children at school or play.

No one was one around to question
So I decided to explore some more,
Up and down the avenues I walked
To see what else was in store.

In some cases special care was taken
As to make the habitat the best
And I must certainly confess
That I was extremely impressed.
Some of the boundaries were walled
With wrought iron as the finish
While others were open to all
More like the kind I would relish.

The flowers and shrubs were plenty
Presenting a most delightful sight
And the birds, butterflies and bees
Were back and forth in their flight.

My mind shifted from the residences
To the residents that were within,
Who were they I wondered
And whether they were saved from sin.

I wondered about their contribution
To their community and the Nation
And their obligation to themselves
Particularly regarding their salvation.

And what about their children
And those of whom they were given charge
Were they just taken up with themselves?
Or looked out for the community at large?

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Not far away was a church
And not too far from that was another,
I wondered how many attended either
Or whether they never bothered.

Today our lives are so fast paced
And we are so keen to stay in the race
That many go by unnoticed
And suddenly they vanished without a trace.

Here I was in this community
Preoccupied with the plight of its residents
Wondering about its adults and children
And what were their purpose and intent.

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Eventually I was back at the gate
Fortunately it was still flung open wide,
Still preoccupied with I all I had seen
I proceeded to the outside.

I walked away a little
In the direction from which I had come
Then I stopped and looked back
Towards the setting sun.

It appeared far different from earlier
When I first started out on my stroll,
From white it was now orange coloured
And the evening was becoming cold.

It vividly reminded me of life
With the vibrancy and vigour of youth
And then as the sun begins to set
We come face to face with the truth.

The truth regarding our destination
Is not to be confused with our destiny
For as we close our eyes in death
Preparation is made for another community.

This community is our destination
It is where we are interred at death
But our destiny is much different
And goes far beyond our last breath.

It is really about an eternity
Either with God or without
And in the case of both communities
There is no chance of a turn about.

You see I had strolled into a community
From which I was able to walk out,
The difference between me and its occupants
Was that this life still gives me some clout.

Now I could come and go as I pleased
They no longer could do the same
But some future time should the good Lord tarry
In such a community I too will rest my frame.

There too most homes will be alike
Except for the pillars others will erect
But these won’t matter to those interred
Whether rich or poor death has no respect.

A stroll with a difference I would say
And particularly morbid I would add
But if you should enter without Jesus Christ
There will come a day most sad.

Stewart Russell © 2017

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


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I won’t tell who I am
But by the end you’ll know my name
For there will be no doubt in your mind
Regarding my popularity and fame.

I have been around a very long time
How long I wouldn’t even mention
Understand though as you read this
I was before the first invention.

Did I say before the first invention?
Well that is not exactly accurate
Fig leaves came just before I arrived
And then after I had my first date.

I have seen skirmish after skirmish
And I have never missed a war
And the things that you like about life
I most definitely abhor.
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I walk among the rich
And I keep company with the poor
With me kings and queens affiliate
Stick around and I’ll tell you some more.

People just love to hate me
And I am blamed for every lost
Insurance companies dare not disregard me
To them I am a significant cost.

I fear no woman, I fear no man
I am not intimidated by girl or boy
The very things that advance their lives
Are often in my employ.

I am older than the oldest man
More relevant than today
And in most of the cases I have tackled
I have mostly had my way.
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Young and old are acquainted with me
I have been to every home
I am at ease with the biggest crowd
But I am just as comfortable alone.

It would appear I am omnipresent
And your nature is suited to me
I revelled in hatred and anger
And in human hostility.

I reside in every country
Not a single family escapes me
I have no time to sit on thrones
For I am too busy bringing misery.

I have flown on many a plane
I have crossed every single sea
I have traversed the densest jungles
And the deserts have not escaped me.
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I make it my business to bring fear
Separation is my portfolio
I am the Minister of distress and harassment
And presided in many an overthrow.

I interrupt the best-made plans
And institute operations of my own
I make mock sport at their projections
From time immemorial my business has grown.

Occasionally I encounter failure
But success is just around the bend
And before you can say cock robin
There is another funeral to attend.

My ads are in every country’s paper
In some tabloids page by page
You’ll never read your name there though
It doesn’t matter your age.
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Which brings me to the significant point
That I have never missed a funeral
Some have been simple, some elaborate
Depending on the status of the people.

I am often the talk of the town
For some I guarantee a generous income
Particularly them who live off others dying
But they too have their course to run.

One thing you could say for me
I do not favour or discriminate
There is no amount that you can pay me
And when your time comes you will be the late.

I never take a bribe and I do not grudge
For such I have no need
In any case my quiver is always full
On account of man’s avarice and his greed.
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I recall it was the very first spring
And I was privy to a certain conversation
The instructions were clear as clear can be
But the recipients followed another's direction.

From that era until the present time
Every day has been a field day
I have never lacked for victims
For invariably they come my way.

In any endeavour there are highs and lows
And my greatest high was my premiere low
For a moment there I had the Prince of Life
But I was forced to let him go.

Three days I held him in the belly of the earth
I was so sure that he was mine
But suddenly he was no longer there
That experience is difficult to define.
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I have had two partners throughout time
And we really felt the victory was ours
But my sting was removed and their victory short lived
Swallowed up by His infinite power.

I am the resurrection and the life
The Creator of life once said
And those who put their trust in Him
Will one day be delivered from the dead.

In the meantime I shall continue my business
Working with partners two and three
And taking consolation in the very fact
That I will be around for eternity.

For those who die in the Prince of Life
Will be gathered together with him
And those in him at his return
Will over me the greatest victory win

But those who reject the Prince of life
Will be mine for ever and ever
Eternally separated from their Maker and Judge
Eternal separation from the Saviour

Stewart Russell (@) 2016

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Don’t Be Deceived

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Don’t be
So naïve
To conceive
That you can receive
If you don’t believe
That he died
Your soul
To retrieve;
From such
There is
No reprieve.

For one
Must believe
That Jesus
Was conceived
Of the
Holy Spirit
To receive
Eternal salvation
And not
Be deceived
To believe
Salvation is in any other.

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For they
Who believe
Are they
Who receive
Whose souls
Are retrieved
From destruction
And who
Are reprieved
And finally relieved
Of the body of death.

So let
Faith arise
Having been apprised
Of the impending
For they who
Wouldn’t realize
And they who
Who consistently
The salvation
In which hope lies.

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For without
This hope
You’ll have to cope
With the
Slippery slope
And the suicidal
You place around
You neck
Having eloped
With the enemy
Of your soul.

One final word
In case
You haven’t heard
Or you are still
Bent on being absurd;
Your sins confess
Your penitence express
Acknowledge your distress
Let Jesus
Sort your mess
And at his behest
Accept his rest.

Stewart Russell © 2016

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I Am Amazed

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Please read right to the end before forming an opinion.
I am amazed
 At how we treat our children
Forcing them to like our stuff
And if they don’t
We get rough
And we get tough

I am amazed
At how we train our children
Forcing them to like our fashion
And if they don’t
We get in a passion
And treat them with aggression

I am amazed
At how we bamboozle our children
With our religion
That we know so little about
And how we shout
When our children opt out

I am amazed
At how we say no to our children
When it would be so much easier
To say yes
And give them our best
To relieve their stress

I am amazed
Why we make it hard for our children
In telling them to wait
Just for one minute
As a regular habit
And they see us like a cynic

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I am amazed
When we criticize our children
Especially in their wrongdoing
Rather than smile
All the while
And encourage their style

I am amazed
When we try to guide our children
In the way of the Bible
Even in this modern day
Rather than let them have their say
In just how they want to stray

I am amazed
At how we regard our children
Not recognizing
They are far brighter than we are
Or ever will be
In spite of our jealousy

I am amazed
At how we try to control our children
Denying them their freedom
And their so-called rights
To do as they please
And sail through life with ease

I am amazed
At how we try to stop our children
From falling where we fell
And making our mistakes
So that in this life
They can get an easier break

I am amazed
At how we educate our children
By sending them to schools
With traditional standards and rules
To acquire the necessary tools
So they won’t be anybody’s fools

I am amazed
At how we treat to our children
As parents and not as buddies
When it would be far better
To be like their friends
And share the dividends

I am amazed
How we chastise our children
For our archaic and outmoded perception
Attributing to them rudeness and disrespect
Rather than introspect
And come to grips with what to expect

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I am amazed
At how we reprimand our children
Spanking and punishing them
Instead of giving rewards
Despite their deviant behavior
That does not meet with our favour

I am amazed
At how we try to rob our children
Of their independence and uniqueness
Of the intrigues of this life 
Though seemingly weird
Classifying the same as strife

I am amazed
That we force church on our children
Making them angry and resentful
And then wonder
Why they are what they are
And with progressive minds not on par

I am amazed
That as we raise our children
That we cannot see eye to eye
With the proponents of the new ideologies
Their schisms and philosophies
Their tomfoolery and devilry

I am amazed
That in spite of having us for their parents
They are still blossoming and growing
They are radiant and glowing
They are reaping what they are sowing
Isn’t this mind blowing?

I am amazed
At the amazing strides
Our amazing communities are amazingly making
Because of our amazing children
And how amazingly
We have raised them

And if you are not amazed
Then I am amazed
That there are still
Some amazing old-fashioned parents
Numbered in an amazing minority
Who still have respect for God’s amazing authority

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Our children still need our guidance
As they traverse life’s deceptive maze
We cannot afford to abandon them
As they process each critical phase

As amazing as it may seem
God still holds parents accountable
Even in this postmodern age
For raising up a godly people

Stewart Russell © 2017