Monday, May 08, 2017

A Plaintive Cry and A Prayer

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Pearl, where are you?
Can you hear us as we reminisce?
Can you hear our hearts throb?
Do you know how sorely you are missed?

Can you see us in our daze
Trying to make meaning of this phase?
O how we wish we could have seen this coming
So we could work our way out of its maze!

Pearl, can you read our thoughts?
They are thoughts about you,
Thoughts of the time we spent together,
Thoughts about what we could have done
If only we knew.

Here we are searching for the clue
And wondering why we were not on cue
Missing the signal you must have sent
And now life for you is through.

Irritability and puzzlement fill our breast
Sorrow and longing disturb our rest,
We deny all that has happened
And then smile at your memory
When at our best.

Can you do nothing to relieve this pain?
Perhaps return at the end of the game?
For surely you could see it is no fun
Time to call it quits; let this game be done!

If only we could fall from off this bed
And awake with just a little pain in the head
Only to be assured that you are not dead
But vibrantly alive and still with us instead.

Pearl where are you?
Can you hear us as we reminisce?
Can you hear our hearts throb?
Do you know how sorely you are missed?

Surely if you did you would return to us,
You could not bear to see us hurt in the way we do
Given your caring and empathetic ways
Such would be contrary to your view.

You left us suddenly in a manner unlike you,
Normally you would share what you had in view,
Why differently this time as you sped away?
Could you not have told us what it was you knew?

These are just a few of the questions
That you have left us all to ponder
Searching questions, probing questions and more
The fact our heads ache should be no wonder.

What would we give to see you smile again?
A Facebook photo or a WhatsApp connection
Or simply one of those long telephone calls
In which you shared your joys and frustrations.

Just to know that you are not really gone
Almost anything would suffice,
Please Pearl just reply to any one question
And we all would consider that quite nice.

But alas!  As the mist dissipates
The stark reality strikes home more forcibly
And we must come to grips with that reality:
You have gone but thank God not your memory.

And you have left us wonderful memories
Memories that will more than linger on
For in every picture, flower or recipe
You will shine through like the daily dawn.

Gone but not forgotten; that’s nigh impossible,
Departed but in many ways you still exist,
For as long as memory lasts your legacy will live on
But we must admit you will be sorely missed.

God our Father who sees all and knows all
All our questions we commit to you
Knowing well that what we cannot answer
Is within your Divine purview.

Grant that as we ponder the vicissitudes of life
We would always be mindful
That you see the bigger picture
And that you work everything together for our good
However mystifying be life’s mixture.

We give in to your sovereign will in this circumstance
Given the passing of our loved one
And while at times we are perplexed
We know that this darkness precedes the dawn.

Thank you for the hope of the coming resurrection
When sorrowing and parting will be no more,
Thank you for the surety of Pearl’s redemption
When we all shall meet on that golden shore.

Stewart Russell © May 2017