Thursday, May 04, 2017

There’s A Reason

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There’s a reason for everything
Even when it’s unknown to you
And a purpose for all that happens
Even if you don’t know of that too.

A picture paints a thousand words
Is a saying that that we know very well
But if those pixels were separate
How could you that picture tell?

Events that happen to you and to me
Are the pixels in the picture of life
So that often we cannot understand
Those events that cause us strife.

We often believe we understand
Those experiences that fit our plan,
These are occurrences that bring us favour
And are prescribed by the heart of man.

“Life is lived forward and understood
Backwards,” somebody once said
But by the time that we understand
That event is long passed and dead.

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You see understanding only comes
When events are strung together
That paint a picture we afterwards see
To partially assess some matter.

Remember, we don’t repeat history
Though intelligent minds say we do,
It’s life’s mistakes we rehearse again
As in a movie it’s Act-one Scene-two.

Life is not a canvas on which we paint,
It’s more like the brush we use
And all the strokes we daily make
Are to paint the picture we choose.

We see the bigger picture of life
By way of a single myopic lens
Believing that what happens in that regard
Should mostly to our benefit portend.
And when prognoses prove incorrect
And the reason to us is unknown
We chastise the Creator of all of life
For altering our picture’s colour tone.

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We forget that our individual affairs
Are selfish agendas in our life’s scheme
And the God of all creation overseas
All that happens on the earthly scene.

Absolutely nothing is hid from Him
Not one iota and not one jot,
His picture has been painted already
Time is revealing each pixel and each dot.

So much of the puzzle we can’t explain
As we appraise its panoramic view
But while only now unfolding to us
It is what its painter already knew.

The big questions of life He knows
Our origin, our purpose, our destiny,
The hairs on our heads he numbered
And established them from eternity.

So there’s a reason for everything
Even when that purpose is unknown to us,
The Only One knows such a reason
God the Father, the Holy Spirit and Jesus.

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You may marvel that I said the Only One
And then proceeded to number three,
That’s one of the questions I can’t explain
But I accept its authenticity.

For the Bible shows clearly this is so
When stating the attributes of these Three
And the best we can in our limited language
Is to express God as a Tri-unity.

How can someone be three and yet one?
That question is for you, not me
For once God’s Word conveys that point
I merely declare it’s the reality.

For while I will attempt to understand
I know I won’t always succeed
Especially regarding what God reserves
And in my own understanding impedes.

These secret things belong to God
And He knows why there are not revealed
But those things He has revealed to us
Make Him still worthy of our appeal.

In Him we live, move and have our being
That’s according to Acts 17 and verse 28
And the choices we make in the here and now
Will determine our eventual and eternal state.

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To everything there is a season
And a time to every purpose under heaven,
In six days God created heaven and earth
And rested on day number seven.

A fitting demonstration of His omnipotence
And omniscience throughout the ages,
There is a reason for all that He has done
And all that pertains to life’s stages.

Our response to the vicissitudes of life
And the complex issues that frequently arise
Is to trust the One who has all the answers
And what He abhors we should also despise.

Stewart Russell © 2017