Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wrong People in the Wrong Places

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Wrong people in the wrong places:
What do we really mean?
Square pegs in round holes is
Often used to describe this scene.

Wrong people and wrong places
Do you see what I am getting at?
Everything is wrong here
And nothing can change this fact.

Are wrong people right for anything?
Where do they fit if they are wrong?
Can a place be found for them?
Or is a misfit only where they are strong?

Can a right place be found?
Can a wrong person be in a right place?
Wrong people in the right places
Even that doesn’t sound in good taste.

Wrong people in the wrong places,
This cliché is so often abused
That the dunce as well as the educated
Feels quite smug in propagating its misuse. 

It just doesn’t make any sense
O dear simpleton, can’t you see?
All right!  I can see the wrong person
But where O where can that wrong place be?

Let us study a scenario for just a minute,
Someone is put a particular position
But he or she doesn’t do well
Even though with high recommendation.

Perhaps he or she is wrong for the position
But tell me what’s wrong with the place?
Does that wrong person make the place wrong too?
No sense in that; not even a trace.

Was that position seriously needed?
Or was it just politically expedited?
If the place was needed it can’t be wrong,
I hope on this we are all united.

Wrong people in the wrong places
That just does not make any sense
So throw out the over worked cliché
For all who use it there is no defense.

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Square pegs in wrong holes?
I may be willing to accept
But wrong people in wrong places
I most definitely reject.

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It’s a misnomer if ever there was one
 And I guess you know what that means,
It means a way of saying nothing
It’s better that we decide to come clean.

The place is right but the man is not
And there is someone to fill the spot
Hence the right man for the right place
That’s the way to improve the lot.

The right people in the right places
It’s for that we need to aim
And when we do I am sure we will find
Wrong people in wrong places are not blame.

For it can never happen, that cliché of sorts
When things never seem to go right
Wrong people in the wrong places - not at all
It’s the wrong man that causes the blight.

So look again; consider what you say,
Contemplate it from head to toe,
This saying, perhaps centuries old
Doesn’t make sense; I hope you can see this is so.

Wrong people in the right places
Now who is to blame?
I leave that for the political experts,
They are best at playing the blame game.

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Square pegs in round holes?
Now I can give that a thought
For I know at least one situation
In which square pegs were sought.

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Remember the old board and easel
And when round pegs could not be found?
A pair of improvised square pegs worked,
They certainly were not round.

Square pegs work depending on the job
Though with not an exact fit,
The board was kept aloft as though with round pegs
And that chalkboard did not even slip.

Not so in the world of work
In which sound leadership is required,
When such mistakes occur as they often do
The misfits should be removed or be fired.

Wrong people in the wrong places
No!  Such as I have shown is impossible
But the reality is what the reality is:
Right places but filled with wrong people.

Stewart Russell © September 2017

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Running the Race with Grace

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Running the race with grace
And worshipping on the way
Moment by moment seeking God’s face
And letting Him have full sway

Determined in heart to follow through
Regardless of what attempts to hinder
Running daily with the relative few
Who to Jesus Christ have surrendered

Considering our brothers here and abroad
And our sisters the world around
And all the brethren in Christ applaud
As together we raise the joyful sound

Sharing all our sorrows together
And weeping with them who weep
Encouraging every sister and brother
Whether the days be sunny or bleak

This day we praise God for His grace
And the privilege to worship Him
Grateful that we are candidates in this race
Having received Christ’s pardon for our sin

Yes!  Running the race with grace
And worshipping on the way
Is a theme we should all embrace
And demonstrate each and every day

Enjoy God’s blessings as they come
And as we sing and dance and share
In this foretaste of God’s coming kingdom
Let us praise Him for His love and care.

Stewart Russell © September 2017

Thursday, September 14, 2017

“Give Up De Ting”

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Give up de ting call hatred
That we have for one another
Give up de ting call vengeance
With brother fighting brother

Whether of the B’s or the D’s
We are one and one means unity
Give up de ting call jealousy
For we are one big family

What touches you touches me
So give up de ting!
Harvey and Irma didn’t care
So they had their destructive fling

Give up de ting I am pleading
I mean all this disruptive fighting
Give up de ting I repeat
And let us all be about uniting

For at the end of the day or before
We all will feel the pain
So give up de ting my brother
All this infighting is a “no brain”

Give up de ting that’s breaking us
The guns, the cutlasses and the knives
Give up the spite and the blame game
And as a people let us thrive

It is no use all this destruction
Since none of us can win this fight
So give up de ting, this foolishness
And let’s come together and unite

Across all of our churches too
We really need to give up de ting
Churches fighting to maintain turf
Even though of salvation they sing

Sending mixed signals to the unsaved
As confusing as they can become
Give up de ting about competition
And preach about God’s coming kingdom

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Give up de ting, yeah, the sin
That’s at the heart of every crime
Without Christ there is no turn around
Not now, not in the future or anytime

You will most likely call this simplistic
It’s downright foolishness you will say
But give up de ting that’s holding you
And let the Saviour have his way

The heart of our trouble is the heart
What we need to give up is inside
So give up de ting, the heart I mean
And let Jesus come in to abide

I know it doesn’t sound intellectual
That to give up de ting could mean this
But sincerely give your heart to Jesus
And in God’s service enlist

The guns would become extinct
And this violence would go away
No need for all this consultation
Just give up de ting and God obey

So give up de ting; let’s praise the Lord
Give up de ting; let’s mind His word
Give up de ting: the selfish heart
And soon you’ll see this is not absurd.

Stewart Russell © September 2017

Saturday, September 09, 2017

The Horror on Our Doorstep

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Too many guns in this place
Too many youths being displaced
Gem Barbados facing too much disgrace
Leaving in our mouths an awful taste.

How can we combat this trend?
How can we bring this scourge to an end?
Is there hope beyond the bend?
Is there anyone on whom we can depend?

Law enforcers are pulling out their hair
This is more than they can bear,
Citizens incensed with worry and fear
Are praying it will soon disappear.

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Nightly and daily gunshots are loud
As villains accomplish what they avowed
Often scattering a liming crowd
Leaving that community under a cloud.

Another youth gone or sometimes two
Or an innocent bystander brought into view,
He or she was not the one intended
But nevertheless another life is ended.

Bullets are unable to differentiate
Between black and white or love and hate,
The trigger squeezed they no longer wait
But hasten on their way to eliminate.

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A gun in the hand of a novice on the boil
Who is unaware of its kick back or recoil
Can do untold damage unless he is foiled
And spills blood on the street like leaking oil.

An ugly picture I suppose that paints
But think also of the Barbadian image it taints
Sending a stay-away signal to the world’s tourists
And puts our tourist industry at severe risk.

This horror on our doorstep, will it go away?
Can we do anything to keep it at bay?
Will this eventually be seen as the Bajan way?
Please assure me this is not here to stay.

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Our Father in heaven today we pray
Do let this scourge of our country go away,
Bend our wills and make them yours
And please Lord, let this violence leave our shores.

Stewart Russell © September 2017

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

This Light-Years Phenomenon

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They tell me that a light-year
Is the measurement of the distance
That light travels
In a vacuum in a single year.

This amounts to 5.88 trillion miles
If you favour the imperial measure
Or 9.46 trillion kilometres
If the metric standard is your pleasure.

I find it quite amusing
When we spread these numbers around
And those twelve zeroes in the trillions
Can make one look like a clown.

Consider that this is one light-year
And we’re talking “at the speed of light”,
What if it were several light years?
This would be a little too much to bite.

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The nearest star to planet earth
Is about ninety-three million miles away,
This is the sun within our galaxy
That brightens each and every day.

The next star in order of distance
Is approximately 4.3 light-years away
It’s really a dual star system
That comprises a binary pair.

That may not mean much to you
And it certainly does not to me
For when I consider things of this type
My head gets a little dizzy.

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When I look into the night sky
Particularly on a bright and starry night
I wonder just like David the psalmist
About each of those twinkling lights.

Small they make look to us
Since they are so far away
But times bigger than our planet earth
Though not one you can see during the day.
I wonder which ones are planets
Like the nine in our solar system
And which ones are really stars
Like the sun that each of our days brightens.

There is a lot of argument
Pertaining to the age of planet earth
Which is extended even further
When determining the universe’s birth.

The Bible indicates thousands of years
Men argue it must be billions,
Billions of years for the universe
Considering its trillions of suns.

For when one considers the distance
That some stars are away from us
There is no way the earth could be young,
Now you see why all of the fuss.

How could the light from these stars
Ever have reached planet earth
When we are just thousands of years
And their distance suggests an earlier birth?

It would have taken millions of light years
For their light to reach right down to us
So this particular reasoning
Must give impetus to that thrust.

All this is quite mind-boggling
Even for the scientists
So you could well imagine
How much of it I have missed.

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Then of course there are the “gap-theorists”
Who argue that this could very well be
Since no one knows the length of time
Between Genesis 1 verses 2 and 3.

A lot of this is lost on me
And there’s much I don’t understand
But at this point I would endeavour
To point out to you a fact in God’s divine plan.

Just stop for a moment and think!
Where is Jesus at this time?
Have you ever thought of his return?
Has it even crossed your mind?

The Bible says he is in heaven
Perhaps millions of light-years away
But read Matthew chapter 24 verse 27
And take note of what it says.

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For as the lightning comes out of the east
And shines even unto the west
So shall the coming of the Son of man be.”
The Bible is the absolute test.

He who spoke the world into being
Can traverse light years in one second
So while this moment is available to you
Why not come to him as he beckons?

Stewart Russell © August 2017