Thursday, February 22, 2018

Pseudo Love

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Love is oft perceived
As a climb up a hill
And many try to climb up
Though they slip back still.

With gutsy determination
They try their very best
With waning strength
To claim their Mount Everest.

It is a misconception
That love we must earn
And after many broken hearts
Some still don’t even learn.

Many a marriage relationship
Starts out so promisingly fair
After a wedding reception
Full of glamour and of flair.

But before too long
There’s no honey in the moon,
The moon has sprung a leak
Much too soon.

A love that had switched on
Suddenly turns right off
And before you know it
All that love is lost.

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Pseudo love it must be
It could not have been real
In that before too long
It had become quite stale.

Too often we are fooled
By the appearance of something
Engagement and marriage rings
Followed by much suffering.

The diamond ring was huge
O this love was so sweet,
Topped by a great wedding
Everything was complete.
Then the first major problem
Followed closely by the next
And by the time of the third
Everyone was vexed.

Until death we will part
But both are living still
Divorce on the cards
Marriage is now a bitter pill.

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Pseudo love just isn’t real
Treat it like a fairy tale,
Look beyond its deceptive veil
In all reality it will fail.

God’s love guides you
Take it on board,
Pseudo love costs you
What you can least afford.

And remember
All that glitters is not gold,
Take your choice,
You have been told.

Stewart Russell © February 2018

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Love Found Me

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I was despicable
I know you would gasp,
Cleaning me up?
That was certainly a task.

I was so wretched
As wretched as could be,
I was horrid and vile
Though many did not see.

O, I could cover up
And hide all this stuff
And while I appeared gentle
I was inwardly rough.

Something was wrong,
I wanted to change
But however I tried
I was still deranged.

Mad? Yes, you heard me,
Mad as a tabby cat
But on the outside,
Pretense is where I was at.

O, I was an actor,
In some ways I’m still one
But that playacting
Is mostly gone.

Someone was responsible
For this turn around,
Love turned up
And I was found.

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Love found me,
I don’t mean Lynette,
I mean agape love,
That’s the Love I met.

Yes I had an encounter
With the Lover of my soul
And that’s when I realized
I was not whole.
It took Him a while
Since I fooled around,
He doesn’t force anyone
That doesn’t want to be found.

But He tells you you’re lost
And you need His help,
He makes sure your lost state
Is really felt.

It was then I realized
I was full of hate,
That’s when Love found me
And changed my state.

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Love found me,
What a watershed!
That was a defining moment
In both heart and head.

I still playact
And sometimes I pretend
But as I walk with Love
I will continue to mend.

There’s one thing I know
That I know for sure,
Love found me
And I am not lost anymore.

Stewart Russell © February 2018

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tidbits of Love

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He said he loved me
To him I said the same
Then we got married
And I took his name

She looked so stunning
She had to be mine
The courtship was short
She was mine in no time

I popped the question
And she said yes
I was over the moon
I had passed her test

The house was rented
But I didn’t care
Nothing so mattered
As long as he was there

She didn’t have a job
But she had a face
And a body to match
She was certainly a catch

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We had to get married
And that we did
  He had no faults
And all mine I hid

The vows seemed long
And the ceremony too
I became impatient
And that impatience grew

Eventually I heard
You may kiss the bride
The moment I’d waited for
Had suddenly arrived

The reception was great
More guests than we invited
But all went well
And we were delighted
A few months went well
And then it occurred to me
She was not working
Hence, a drain on my money

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I paid all the bills
And did so much more
And she merely complained
Of feeling bored

Well what do you expect?
I was in the house alone
And when I wanted to talk
He was never at home

He said it didn’t matter
I was not working
And he said so many times
When we were courting

She used to dress up
And we would party strong
But here of late
She says partying is wrong

While he was at work
I would prepare a nice recipe
So that when he got home
He could dine with me

But he was always late
And my effort was a waste
He would feign tiredness
And never take a taste

I worked long hours
So I could give her the best
So when I got home
I needed to have my rest

To cut a long story short
It couldn’t last on that course
So after our last quarrel
We decided on divorce

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Courting days were so great
That we decided to marry
But we ran out of love’s tidbits
And the moon ran out of honey

Love’s tidbits were gone
And so was our marriage
She had lost her golden slipper
And I my golden carriage

All that’s left are memories
And tidbits of this and that
But the pure love we envisaged
Never became a fact

Stewart Russell © February 2018