Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Jesus Paid My Travel Expense

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I stood at the station puzzled and confused,
I knew not where I was going; don’t be amused,
And even if I knew I still had no ticket
So I just stood there and stared; can you dig it?

Not my first travel; that you should know
But on this occasion where should I go?
In my mind I pondered it and then I realized
This journey was really about my demise.

I had lived my life pretty much carefree,
There was scarcely a destination I did not see,
I felt good being able to go most anywhere,
I had the funds and I had the time to spare.

The question of origin didn’t cross my mind
And the issue of destination was what people opined,
That philosophical hogwash was not for me
I was as free as a bird and as busy as a bee.

That it could end in a flash was never a thought,
I had the means to buy what needed to be bought,
If money was the problem then I had no problem,
All of the problems I faced money could solve them.

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“Why am I here?”  That pretty much I knew,
“Grab and get all within my purview,
Life was a game like the game of monopoly
Take care of you and then forget everybody.”

I used everybody as a foothold or hand up
People merely existed to replenish my cup,
The crumbs that dropped were theirs for the taking
But none of them was to make what I was making.

Something, I don’t quite remember what
Trigger my thoughts regarding my lot,
It was then that I confessed my precarious spot
My philosophy in life was a heap of rot.

The money I possessed was of no use now
I needed to get a pass for this journey somehow,
It could not be purchased by money or status
I had to make contact with someone named Jesus.

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I was told that he had already paid the price
And the cost to him was his inordinate sacrifice,
I began to think on what terms I could apply
And whether there was anything I would have to supply.

I was taken back when I was told, “Come as you are,
It doesn’t matter how badly you are scarred,
His broken body was given for me
And his poured out blood took care of my fee.

It cost him everything so I could travel free
But I must apply in person; could be no one but me;
Not my father or mother, my spouse or my friend
Concerning my eternity I must personally attend.

Only two destinations: it’s heaven or hell
Obtaining the blood pass would do me well,
That was the travel expense that Jesus paid for me
So that with him I could spend eternity.

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Suddenly I was no longer puzzled and confused,
I could be on heaven’s train if I should choose,
I procured heaven’s pass dipped in Christ’s blood
At that station in life right where I stood.

You see heaven’s train passes through this life,
One must board here in the midst of its strife
After earth’s sojourn there’s no chance to board
And for that lost soul only hell is in store.

If you are reading this and you are not on board
Call on Jesus while there’s still that open door,
Get his blood pass and be rid of your sin
Climb on board and enjoy life’s ride with him.

Stewart Russell © April 2017

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Family First Revisited

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As you read this poem
On this Fathers’ Day
Please do not be offended
In any kind of way.

I merely want to look
At how fathers came to be,
Through mothers was the way
Both you and I can see.

Let’s cease to separate them
On any given day,
They’re to thrive through one another
This is God’s special way.

So Fathers’ Day or Mothers’
They’re both to be celebrated
And so today on Fathers’ Day
Both should be commemorated.

And as we do so today
Let’s do so impartially,
On this special day today
Let’s celebrate them equally.

And as we do I remind you
It’s really about the family,
It’s family we are celebrating
Let’s do so thankfully.

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Big up fathers! Big up mothers!
Big up family too!
And every opportunity you get
Propagate this view.

I remind us of the times
That we are living in,
Any redefinition of the family
Must be viewed as sin.

A father can’t be a mother
And a mother can’t be a father,
God instituted marriage
And this cannot be altered.
Let’s not confuse our children
With these conflicting roles,
Be like magnets that attract
They still use opposite poles.

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Two north poles repel
Together they never cleave,
A man is to cleave to his wife
After his mother he leaves.

Through this simple process
Children come about,
Any other cohabitation
Will throw the family out.

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They can cohabit all they like
Two fathers or two mothers
But after their ecstatic conclusion
They won’t produce another. 

If we want to depopulate
This is a sure way to go
But that is certainly not God’s idea
Let us not go with that flow.

Let us arrest the deterioration 
And put back family first:
Each one in his or her rightful role
And avoid this societal curse.

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The rainbow depicted love
God’s love for the human race,
It was to Noah and his extended family
That God imparted His grace.

Let us all be militant
As we observe the oncoming foe,
Let’s reinforce our family ties
And resist the same sex flow.

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Happy Fathers’ Day to all
Let the nuclear family thrive,
Same sex marriage is a misnomer
And really shouldn’t survive.

So on this Fathers’ Day
I will again trumpet the call
And like I did on Mothers’ Day
It’s Happy Fathers’ Day to all.

Happy Fathers’ Day to fathers
And to every mother too
And remember this is about family
And family is the biblical view.

Stewart Russell © June 2018