Tuesday, March 20, 2018

True That

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To say that a lie is not the truth
Is to state an obvious fact,
A lie is a lie and truth is truth.
Why everyone should see that.

But such is not the case
And I must confess that I’m amazed
And even sometimes dazed
When I consider the current craze.

There are some who dare to argue
That truth is a relative lot
Whereupon in my confessed stupor
I enquire relative or family to what?

There was a time not long ago
When baffled by the truth
We went all out to prove it so
By citing an abundance of proof.

Today of course it’s the other way
We now even have alternative facts
And the mere fact I cannot see that
There must be something I lack.

Nowadays we go all out
To prove a lie is anything but a lie
Exchanging truth for something else
And then that truth defy.

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There is an apparent evolution
When a lie evolves into a truth,
They call it convincing advertising
You see this at many a booth.

If a lie is propagated as the truth
Particularly by persons of integrity
The masses will accept it as truth
And perpetuate its longevity.

Personal agendas that are hidden
Depend on alternative facts
Where a lie replaces the truth
And security becomes the trap.

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I invite you to answer the question,
To what is the truth relative?
If the answer is the family of lies
Then life is a deceptive narrative.

In truth the two are worlds apart
Like darkness and the light
And while the former covers up the lie
The latter vindicates the right.

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The minutest contaminant in truth
Would render that truth a lie,
Hence no relativity between the two
No matter what the objectors imply.

Stewart Russell © 2017

Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Power of Words

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Consider the power of words
Be it a human’s or be it God’s,
The world God’s words created
Turned upside down by Satan’s frauds.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words can never hurt,”
As an axiom has been proved not quite true
For the prude as well as the pert.

It was God’s word that brought about
The creation of the cosmos and man,
It was Satan’s word that caused the fall
Back in the time of Eden’s land.

“Hath God said?” was what he said
And Adam and Eve about turned
In direct rebellion to God’s direction
His instruction having spurned.

It was God’s word that shaped the curse
That plagued the world from then
And to this day we see the power of words
Be it from man’s mouth or his pen.

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The constitutions of nations are framed
By words their leaders legislate
And any violation either minor or major
Is brought before the court of that state.

The battle of words is a daily trend
In the parliaments across the world
And whether they go to the left or right
Is determined by whose words are preferred.

Election time is that season of words
Of promises to woo the electorate,
Canvassing and campaigning the constituents
To determine the successful candidate.

Of course man’s word is not like God’s word
And must be taken with a pinch of salt,
So if you have gone full tilt for any man’s word
It is time to pull up and come to a halt.

A woman bent low beneath her load
For twelve years with an issue of blood
Received her healing from the Master Jesus
With just a few words like only he could.

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Five words would make the difference
When a woman was caught in adultery
"Neither do I condemn thee," the Saviour said
And she was delivered from her misery.

A funeral procession on the way to the grave
A loved one having passed away
At Jesus’ words would turn to rejoicing,
A son was returned to his mother that day.

Jairus’ daughter whom he loved dearly
Lay dead on her bed in her chamber
But a few select words by Jesus Christ
Brought life again to a precious family member.

Three words were said to a raging sea
By the Master of the winds and the waves,
Without delay there was an instant calm
As the elements complied and behaved.

It was three words again said before a tomb
That caused the dead to come forth,
Raised by the power of Jesus’ words
Death could no longer boast.

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Before us today we have the Word of God
It is in fact the way, the truth and the life,
Jesus used it in the wilderness trials
When the devil tempted him to commit strife.

This world is destitute and in need of the Word
But that same Word it constantly rejects
Preferring instead the word of the knave
And relating to God with stark disrespect.

We ignore God’s word at our own peril
Is the caution to which we should adhere,
Particularly Jesus’ words “I will come again,”
Speak to the certainty that he will appear.

Beware of the enticing words of man’s wisdom
Energized by the adversary’s power,
Hold firmly instead to the word of God
Who is our strong and mighty tower.

From Him are the wonderful words of life
As in the song of the soul set free,
Great is His faithfulness; in His love we’ll abide
Throughout the countless ages of eternity.

Stewart Russell © 2017

Friday, March 16, 2018

Partial Pothole Patching

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I know we complain a lot
And often with just reason
But for a long time now
We’ve endured pothole season.

We know that they are many
There are all over the place,
I have seen no favouritism
No not even a political trace.

There are close to big-up places
On the ABC highway as well,
Even VIP’s are suffering
As I have heard a few of them tell.

But perhaps someone is saying
“Tell us something new,
Enough of the pothole problem
Enough of the pothole blues.”

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At least they’re trying to patch them
Let’s give them a chance
And if you can’t handle it
Take a trip to France.

Perhaps then you’ll appreciate
What we have ‘bout here,
Barbados is not the worst
Of that you should have no fear.

Some are too critical
And they never see the gains,
They complain when it’s sunny
And they fret up about the rain.

There is no pleasing them
Because they are too fretful,
Regardless of how good it gets
They will still be miserable.”

Please, please, give me a break,
Potholes is not my issue,
Just stop passing judgment
And with you I’ll share my view.
I have noticed here of lately
An interesting phenomenon,
It is how the road works people
Treat to the pothole problem.

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I can see some effort
For that I give them praise
But there is a peculiar matter
That I cannot help but raise.

You are driving along a road
And it’s relatively smooth
Then all of a sudden
The car drops into a groove.

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You notice the holes are patched
Except for one or two,
Do not tell me it’s an oversight
Its size must bring it into view.

This is a regular occurrence
Like there’s a special purpose,
The only one I can see, however
Is that we like to hear a fuss.

This partial pothole patching
Is certainly something new,
I have never seen it like this before
And I know you know that too.

Next time you drop in a hole
Stop and check around you
And if you see the road is patched
You’ll see what I said is true.

Stewart Russell © March 2018