Monday, November 20, 2017

No Such Thing as Truth! How true can this be?

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If in fact as postmodernists declare
There is no such thing as truth
Would this not also be a falsehood?
You see, in itself it gives the proof.

They are trying their very best
To rubbish God’s Holy Word
And in trying to achieve this feat
They will even use the absurd.

There is no such thing as truth
Is a contradiction; there is no doubt,
It shows the lie for all that follows
And such a premise must be thrown out.

For once the premise is faulty
The whole argument tumbles down
And as brilliant as postmodernists appear
They must be viewed as circus clowns.

We live in a knowledge boom time
In which knowledge is on the increase,
In the Bible we read of this era
But this too will also cease.

There is no such thing as truth
Are you quick to believe in such?
Or are we saying like some today
That truth doesn’t matter much?

“We live in a time of universal deceit
And telling the truth is revolutionary.”
These words attributed to George Orwell
Really must be a cause for worry.

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In a day of fake news and alternative facts
Truth must in deed be strange
And if there is no such thing as truth
This world must clearly be deranged.

In a world of madness is where we are
Cunningly pretending to be sane,
The Emperor’s new clothes are on us
As lies packaged as truth and so renamed.
“Hath God said?” you’d remember that,
The first case of an alternative fact
That altered the face of original truth
And led the first humans into a trap.

A trap from which they could not escape,
The consequences are still felt today
And men have moved away from truth,
No such thing as truth you hear them say.

“A Strong delusion” according to the Bible
That’s how the word of God puts it,
And man has perfected the art of lying
Such that it has become a compelling habit.

There is no such thing as truth
Once only the tiniest of germs at birth
Has grown in quantum leaps exponentially
And now it fills the entire earth.

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It puzzled a Roman governor too
When once he had asked what is truth,
Oblivious at that particular time
That standing before him was his proof.

There is no such thing as truth
Means that today any and everything goes,
No wonder our world is in such a state
And man born of a woman is full of woes.

Many are comfortable with believing a lie,
“It’s truth,” some would dare to expound
Even though with comprehensive examination
No such evidence can be found.

A strong delusion I must repeat
For having believed an obvious lie
Our world today is in desperate straits
And creation’s beginning it still denies.

Everything hinges and hangs on the beginning
And the truths concerning that,
If in fact there is no such thing as truth
Then all we believe is a lie and that’s a fact.

Scattered, wandering and groping in fear
Moving further away from the Light
Fooling ourselves we are seeing quite clear
But terribly disoriented in our plight.

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Post-truth is the new word; do take note
As accepted by the Oxford Dictionaries,
It relegates the evidence of objective facts
And establishes personal beliefs as summaries.

There is no such thing as truth
Because the false is all that we know
Having long dispelled the truth from our mind
Post-truth is the only way to go.

Post-truth is what enables our agendas
Personal and selfish though they be,
The word of God is reckoned a lie
When the blind believe that they can see.

He that is well needs not a physician
And he that can see, no balm for his eye
But truth will out and it always does
Even to the stoutest of them that deny.

There is no such thing as truth
We all that statement should defy
For if it were correct it could still not be a fact
Since built into such truth is the lie.

There is no such thing as truth
How true can this really be?
Not true at all you must agree
Since its very sense is contradictory.

Stewart Russell © 2017

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Spare a Thought

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I watched him steadily
Yet I was out of his view
I could see him but he saw me not
Perhaps he would do otherwise if he knew

I was watching curiously
To see what he would do next
As the people passed him by
 You could see they were vex

He approached everyone
I could not hear him speak
But from their reaction
He was forced to retreat

He appeared to be begging
I guess for something to eat
But nobody trusted him
Not even the slightest treat

Progressively I grew sad
At what I was seeing
As it dawned the more on me
That he was a human being

Just like you and I are
And all of these passers-by
Yes, he was a human being
Just like and I

There go you and I
But for the grace of God
This youth was in the clutches
Of the despicable fraud

Yes I refer to the devil
Lucifer, a.k.a. Satan
The one who was out to destroy
From the time the world began

Here was this youth
Entirely bamboozled by him
And so very unaware
That his problem was really sin

I watched yet another passer-by
As he deftly sidestepped
As though he was accustomed
And thus adequately prepped

Everyone refused him
But not once did he stop
He was more than determined
As from one to another he hopped

O yes he was limping
But this was no deterrent
The fact that he used it cleverly
To me was quite apparent

This was not the first time
I had actually sat and observed
For I had daily reason
To be right here on this curb

Actually I was there to watch
People and their behavior
And to come up with a strategy
To tell them about the Saviour

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But they were so terribly busy
I wondered if I could achieve
Just a little bit of their attention
To show them how to believe

And while there observing
My eyes were glued to this youngster
Who in every respect
These passers-by treated as a monster

There-in lies the peril
That confronts our very society
Like that youth many are lost
And to be lost for eternity

Like him the Saviour pleads
For us to come to know him
But like these many passers-by
We make light of our awful sin

Like that beggarly youth
We are despicable and in need
But unaware of the Saviour’s love
Who cares about us indeed

Here was this youthful beggar
With matted hair and unkempt
Maybe asking for a little money
To buy the drugs on which he was bent

But more importantly
It then occurred to me
That here was a damned soul
For whom Christ went to Calvary

It was for the unwell he died
Yes the wretched and the sick
The drug addict and the murderer
The con man that is so slick

These are not the only ones
Commuting on their way to hell
But also some who go to church
Every time they hear a church bell

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Sitting in the church pew
Feeling all smug and warm
Just like them we mentioned earlier
They too should be warned

That the bottom line really is
The Saviour’s blood applied
For without it there is no salvation
However hard they have tried

Acknowledging our sin is the start
And repenting of the same
Asking God’s pardon for our wrong
And believing in Jesus’ name

Thanking God for such salvation
And stepping out in righteousness
Eyes ever set on the eternal prize
And bearing fruit unto godliness

No difference between the tramp and me
If neither God’s salvation knows
Having not the seal of God
On the way to hell each goes

Stewart Russell © October 2017

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Your Attention Please!

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It’s a while
I haven’t mused
Now too tempted
To refuse

Now is the time
That I choose
So very sorry
You’re not enthused

Trying to keep
These lines short
If too long
I will abort

Hope by now
You get my drift
Between you and me
Avoid the rift

Is that sense?
Or is it not?
Read on some more
See what we’ve got

Your attention
Is what I need
Don’t stop now
Continue to read

In the beginning
Adam was created
Having seen Eve
He was elated

Eve ate the fruit
Adam participated
God’s only law
They had violated

Driven out of Eden
After this first sin
Adam and Eve
A new life begins
First get together
There was Cain
Next came Abel
And then some pain

Cain killed Abel
Through jealousy
First homicide
Then misery

Sent away
To the land of Nod
His just punishment
At the hand of God

Next came Seth
Adam’s third son
But Adam’s work
Was far from done

Sons and daughters
He did beget
And that record
Is not broken yet

So many children
And mouths to feed
God did supply
His every need

Children got children
And filled the earth
Hundred and hundreds
Since Cain’s birth

The population grew
And men rebelled
Wickedness everywhere
Began to swell

Image result for images of Noah's ark

Noah built an ark
Out of gopher wood
Preached God’s word
Then came a flood

Floodlights on the ark
All during the flood
After the rains
Only eight people stood

Noah and his family
Would disembark
Into the world
To make a fresh start

A beginning in Eden
A beginning away
A beginning for Noah
Three beginnings I say

A fourth beginning
God called Abraham
From Ur of the Chaldees
To Canaan’s land

God had told him
To leave his family
But he took along
Some for company

Lot his nephew
Also went with him
He was trouble
Right up to the chin

Abraham journeyed
Till he reached the land
It was not easy
But he took a stand

God had delivered
On His promise to him
Now Lot and Abraham
Gazed from the rim

Lot chose the better
Or so he thought
But not long after
He was sore distraught

Image result for images of Ishmael and Isaac

Abraham lived in Canaan
And soon came strife
A son from his servant
And one from his wife

One was of the flesh
The other of promise
In the second his seed
Would be blessed

Hagar was banished
And Ishmael too
A feud commenced
Muslim and Jew preview

Isaac begat Esau
Followed by Jacob
But the younger
Formed Israel’s hub

From Jacob to Israel
His name became
Father of Israel’s tribes
Is still the claim

The most famous were
Judah and Joseph
Former: the lineage of Jesus
Latter: in Egypt rest

Joseph was Prime Minister
In the land of Egypt
Whatever he ordered
Became Pharoah’s edict

His bones were removed
During the exodus
The Israelites left Egypt
After Pharoah’s fuss

On Joseph’s request
Prior to his death
They were taken to Canaan
For their final rest

In the wilderness
Moses would lead
And very often
To God he would plead

Image result for images of the Israelites in the wilderness

Because the Israelites
Were a people stiff-necked
That made the journey
A much longer trek

Moses viewed the land
From a mountain peak
But never entered there
On his two feet

The only ones to enter
Were Joshua and Caleb
After the original group
Had foolishly rebelled

Moses, Joshua, Judges
Then the book of Ruth
Kings and their Chronicles
The Old Testament truth

David and Solomon
I must also mention
Of the kinsfolk of Jesus
Our Lord and salvation

Into the New Testament
Hear the angels sing
In tribute to Jesus
Hail the newborn king

Herod did his worst
But to no avail
He went to his grave
Knowing he had failed

Jesus was crucified
Died and was buried
But in three days
Rose triumphantly

No sting in death
No power in the grave
Jesus defeated both
And added the knave

Salvation is grounded
In resurrection power
Jesus will come again
Any day any hour

Advent number one
Jesus came and died
By cruel men’s hands
He was crucified

Image result for images of Jesus' return

Advent number two
He will come to reign
King of kings, Lord of lords
Thus paradise regain

I intended to muse
Then changed my mind
Thought I would leave it
For another time

Stewart Russell © 2017