Sunday, January 21, 2018

In Search of Wisdom

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I went in search of wisdom
Having found there was a need
Folly had raised its ugly head
Folly had become a creed.

I looked for it in the schools
And a little there I found
But often that was tainted
And sometimes not too sound.

I looked for it at teacher’s college
Certain I would find it there
But there I found a mixture
That didn’t quite relieve my fear.

I sought for it in many books
Both secular and non-secular
But therein were varied opinions
And genuine wisdom barred.

These authors had achieved a lot
And were particularly bright
But seemingly did not know
To wisdom no man has a right.

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Of course I must differentiate
Between man’s wisdom and God’s
For often what we see on show
Is of Satan who is the fraud.

Such wisdom is really folly
That’s truly in the heart of man
And the path it offers to us
Is contrary to God’s plan.

I tried to find it in the church
Within the comfort of its walls
But church after church I searched
And could not find wisdom at all.

Before you attack my jugular
I’ll explain what I mean by church
I mean the edifice some worship
The saved need not be hurt.

Organization and organism
Are not one and the same,
If your church is the organization
You are likely to feel that pain.

Wisdom is not found in a building
Be it a church or even a school
Neither universities nor colleges
Have a claim to this tool.

For a tool in deed it can be
But more important is its source,
If you oppose the Bible
Then you are on the wrong course.

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You must have heard of Solomon
About Ecclesiastes and Proverbs
Therein is much about wisdom
You’ll find it in God’s word.

It’s called the principle thing
In Proverbs 4 and verse 7
For wisdom is better than rubies
Look up Proverbs 8 and verse 11.

Flying high you won’t have it
For with the lowly there is wisdom
Read Proverbs 11 and verse 2
Now I’ve spoiled your fun.

Cease from your own wisdom
Counsels Proverbs 23 verse 4
Buy the truth and sell it not
Read verse 23 to see some more.

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Search the Word of God
And there you will find His wisdom,
Get wisdom and get understanding
It’s available in God’s Son.

Christ is made unto us wisdom
As in 1st Corinthians 1 verse 30
And to reject his loving offer
Is to display stupendous folly.

I’m no longer in search of wisdom
Since wisdom has rescued me,
Lost I was and in danger
Of eternal misery.

But the Spirit of wisdom found me
For he knew just where to search,
I no longer look for wisdom
I have found it in Christ’s church.

Wisdom indwells the faithful
And directs all who believe,
You must be born again
And this wisdom you will receive.

Are you tired searching for wisdom?
Have you almost given up?
Now, please turn to Jesus
And let him fill your cup.

Stewart Russell © January 2018

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

All of History is Present before God

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All of earth’s history lies bare before Almighty God,
Its past, its present, its future is expressed in His Holy Word,
He who was in the beginning is still the Great I AM,
He who was crucified to save us was no ordinary man.

I once use to think a man could die before his time,
I held to that and argue; this was how I opined
But then it occurred to me if this was possibly true
The Bible, God’s Word couldn’t give an exact preview.

It records the times of man from beginning to the end
Thousands of years of history and into the future extend,
Not billions of years as misguided scientists report
But only thousands of years as the Bible clearly purports.

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Let’s examine the idea that all of History is written
And that from the Great I AM not one iota is hidden;
He who was in the beginning did not then begin
But was before the beginning and only created it then.

Now for this to happen there must have been eternity
And an eternal being too to create such a possibility,
For where else could the beginning have originated
Outside an eternal God and the time that He created?

Clearly time is a segment with a beginning and an end,
It doesn’t take rocket science such a position to defend,
This is where the Bible premised its record of History
As the Eternal God created this timeline way out in eternity.

Why should it be a wonder that He knows it all in detail?
Why should we marvel as though hearing a fairy tale?
How could it all begin with no one to start its process?
Surely there must be someone to withstand time’s greatest test.

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God is that someone that stands the test of all time,
Yes, He is that someone that started time’s clock to unwind,
It has been ticking away thousands not billions of years
And the future of its history doesn’t catch Him unawares.

So then if before Almighty God all history is revealed
This means its past, present and future already is a done deal,
Having been written already how can it be rearranged?
Even Pilate confessed what he wrote could not be changed.
Pilate was following History even if he did not know,
Remember Jesus told the Baptist suffice it to be so,
Jesus went through Samaria; he knew the course of time,
He was in the beginning; he knew its rhythm and rhyme.

Then, how could this God create a person to be damned?
Did He not know the destiny that awaited that woman or man?
O yes he did, for He knows the destiny of everyone
For while history is unfolding to us to Him it is already gone.

How for example could God change what has already passed?
For Almighty God even such would be an impossible task,
For what is written is written and all that is known to Him
And should he change the past that would be a horrid sin.

That would impede man’s choice that God has given freely
And in a real sense too subtract from God’s sovereignty,
For within these two realities is a balance as delicate as ever
And to change the course of time one or both would be severed.

What would He do in Eden when both our fore parents sinned?
Would he reverse the event?  That would be foreign to Him.
What then would be the sequel?  Would Jesus still have come?
Would we still have had the choice to be a part of His Kingdom?

And what about Hitler and the like of tyrannical attitude?
Would God expunge from our mind these unscrupulous dudes?
What about Noah’s ministry with not a single convert?
Would God change all that so that the flood he could avert?

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You would notice in Isaiah that a future event was written
In the past tense, as if the Saviour already had been smitten,
He was wounded and was bruised and for us all was stricken
Yet at the time of Isaiah’s writing God’s Son had not yet been given.

The authenticity of God’s word is sealed in prophetic utterance,
What it says will come to pass in spite of men’s defiance,
For the promises of God are yea and His decrees are very sure,
Heaven and earth will pass away but His word stands forevermore,
All history has been written with man’s choices and his faults,
It’s more secure than an impregnable bank with its money vault,
It cannot be altered for God has no such intention,
All of history has been set from the beginning of creation.
So that we are not making History we are simply in its grip,
Every act and accomplishment forms a part of the chronicled trip.
We may feel we changed our mind and perhaps we really did
But regarding altering History’s course that’s what God forbids.

I hear you say, “This is fatalism for what will be will be
And it really doesn’t matter since I have no say in my destiny.”
That’s not entirely true, as a matter of fact, not even partly so
For in God’s word, the Bible, we’re told all we need to know.

A sower went forth to sow and he sowed indiscriminately,
The seed was scattered near and far with random diversity,
Just like the seed from that sower the Gospel is so designed
For everyone everywhere to hear, that means all of human kind.

For the Word of God declared that the Gospel shall be preached
In Judea and Samaria and until the ends of the earth are reached
So that every man that hears will be left without excuse
Particularly so when such a man treats God’s word as refuse.

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He that does not believe is already condemned
Because he believes not on him whom the Father did send,
So that it really does matter for if today you hear His voice
Harden not your heart but earnestly make Him your choice.

For choice is the God-given say that we now have in this matter
Hell or Heaven our destiny and we should choose the latter,
For while it is true that in God’s eye all of History is written
The Bible also declares he who calls on the Lord will be forgiven.

All of earth’s history lies bare before Almighty God,
Its past, its present, its future is expressed in His Holy Word,
He who was in the beginning is still the Great I AM,
He who rejects the Saviour will be eternally damned.

Stewart Russell © 2016