Saturday, May 26, 2018


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It is now ten minutes after three
And here I am before my computer
I guess you knew that though
That should produce some laughter.

I guess you also know what I am doing
Right now I am typing; you are smart,
Typing what you need not ask,
This poem you are now reading: that’s a start.

Now we know what each of us is doing
Let me deal with the matter at hand,
It is now three-seventeen in the morning
I am awake; that was not the original plan.

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But you see ever since retirement
I have no set sleeping time,
I just have this feeling whenever the opportunity
To express what ever is on my mind.

It is not that I cannot sleep
Actually I have slept for a bit before
But right now I am awake
Since I do not feel like sleeping anymore.

I know you are reading this poem now
Because now is when you are reading it,
Whenever we get around to doing something
Now becomes the general habit.

It might not be the same now
As was the original plan
But now is now whenever that is
And that goes for both woman and man.

That brings me to the point;
Someone promises to do something now
But does it five days later,
How could that be? Tell me how.

That may be your query
But it is certainly not mine
Because whenever that something is done
Now would be that time.

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You see the past no longer exists
It is just a memory,
The future never ever comes
Now is the reality.

We spend much time discussing the past
While the now is ever before us,
Short term, mid-term, long term projections;
It is the future about which we fuss.

Hence we are unable to sort out the now
Since the past is always on our mind,
The future beckons and we are not prepared
Little worry about the present time.

Yes, what we currently are going through
Produces some anxiety
But that is nothing compare to the outlook
As though living tomorrow now is a possibility.

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I trust by now you have gotten my point
About the importance of the now,
The past is gone; it is gone forever
And the future is not ours however much we vow.

That’s why promises are just what they are,
They are simply utterances that we vow
And if ever we make good on their delivery
That can only be done when that time is now

Nothing in the past changes anything now,
The past does not have that power,
Neither does the future, whatever we may think,
The ultimate reality is the present hour.

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The Bible makes this point particularly clear
The address is 2Corinthians 6 and verse 2,
Before continuing go to that location now
And see what it says to me and to you.

The emphasis is now; it is mentioned twice,
It is a matter worth contemplation,
Now is the accepted time,” it says
Now is the day of salvation.”

Do not take the now in this matter lightly
For it has to do with one’s destiny,
It is not a concern about the future tomorrow
But about one’s future eternally.

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The truth about this matter ultimately is
That now is the present reality,
It is in the now that one must act
To procure a favourable destiny.

God is not slack concerning His promise
But in the now is long suffering to all of us,
He is not willing that any of us should perish
But that in the now accept His Son, Jesus.

Right now if you hear his voice
Harden not your heart,
Come to him right this very moment
Right now would be the best time to start.

Stewart Russell © November 2017

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Heavenly Father

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As each wends his way to vote
Let Your Holy will be done
Keep us focused on the task
And all detractors and enticers shun

Let there be calm I pray
Throughout this entire day
And however we may vote
Let’s accept it as the people’s say

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For parties we may be divided
But for country let us be one
And give our support to whomever
Will rule at the coming dawn

Let everything be done in decency
And in the stipulated order
Let not stupidity or folly
Be seen within our border

May fairness and justice reign
Let there be no intimidation
To influence one way or another
As we vote across this nation

Give your journeying mercies
To the greatest and the least
And may every single constituency
Experience your Divine peace

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We thank you for our country
And for Your gracious oversight
That whoever forms our Government
Will do what they know is right

Inspire them with a conscience
That is quickened by genuine love
And remind all and sundry
Blessings come only from above

Honour today this prayer
We pray in Your Son’s name
And to you we give all praise
For your sovereign and gracious reign

Stewart Russell © May 2018

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Let’s Get It Right

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Sounds like a discussion
But there may not have been one
“Let us make Man”
Was before creation’s dawn.

Sounds like a conclusion
But that may not have been so
That’s how we would think
That the matter should go.

Sounds like a decision
And certainly a unanimous one
The first two were made
And from them all others were born.

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That God is the Creator
Should be obvious to all
And that our parents’ transgression
Brought with it the fall.

“Let us make man”
To whom was God talking?
And concerning Adam and Eve
With whom were they walking?

You may want to argue
That God talked to Himself
But if such were the case
You would question his health.

There must have been somebody
That the “us” include
The Trinity is my position
That is what I conclude.

In the beginning was the Word
According to John chapter 1
In the beginning God
Created the very first dawn.

“Let there be light”
That’s what He said back then
Out of that first utterance
We have the where and the when.
So at the beginning of time
We have God and the Word
But there was another,
Yes, there was a third.

Who was that third person?
Okay, I will show him to you,
In order to find the answer
Just read Genesis 1 verse 2.

He was the Spirit of the Lord
Yes, a “he” and not an “it”,
The third person in the Trinity
That’s the Holy Spirit.

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A truth we do not understand
But how else can we explain it?
These are three and yet the same
God, the Word and Holy Spirit.

He is the Spirit of truth
Just as Jesus had said,
Right there in John 14: 16 to 17
You'll see once you have read.

The world cannot receive him
Because it knows him not
But he indwells the believer
And cleans every spot.

For he dwells with you now
But he shall be in you then
Jesus had told his disciples
As they listened to him.

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Another time he told them
That he must go away,
And to them he promised the Spirit
That came on Pentecost Day.

And since the Spirit has come
He guides us into all truth
Such that born again believers
Are the evidence and the proof.

The Spirit searches all things
Yea, the deep things of God,
None but him can discern them
Don’t be fooled by the Fraud.

Romans chapter 15 verse 30
Tells of his great love,
The love of the Spirit who like Jesus
Also descended from above.

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The Spirit can be vexed
As in Isaiah 63 and verse 10
And we should not grieve the Spirit
Knowing we are sealed by him.

The Holy Spirit speaks
And Scripture shows he can hear,
There are many verses in the word
With you I can share.

Acts 13:2 is certainly one
1Timothy 4:1 is surely another,
If you have ears then heed the Spirit
Revelation 2 is a timely reminder

The Spirit is a helper
He helps us in our weakness
He testifies of Jesus
And he fills with his sweetness.

The Spirit of God 
Is the same Spirit of Christ,
Read John chapters 14 and 15
And this will suffice.

The Holy Spirit is a person
Just like God and the Word are,
Through him we were brought nigh
And now we are no longer afar.

He’s more than an active force
As some purport him to be,
He is in fact the third person
Found in the Trinity.

The Spirit is one with God 
He is one with the Son
And it will boggle our mind
But these three are one.

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In the beginning he was there
Along with God and the Word,
In the Bible we read
They created the world.

These three are involved
In making a sinner whole
The Father, the Word by the Spirit
Indwells every believer’s soul.

Stewart Russell © February 2018