Stewie's Proverbs Volume 1

A match in their hand is a promised house fire

Too many cooks should make more soup

A bird in the air is bird mess in your hair

A stitch in time ‘tis better to darn it

A baldheaded man and his hair are always parted

A good beginning still waiting for an ending

A word to a fool is a wasted tool

A trouble shared is a secret not kept

Do as I do and not as I say

Don’t use your tyre before it is patched

The bride’s fortune is the groom’s misfortune

To be M.I.A. is to be R.I.P

From heights sublime to depths ridiculous is a broken neck

Madness is genius misunderstood

I will forgive if you will forget

Give a cow enough rope and it will reach the grass

Fools think alike great minds differ

It takes a police to catch a thief

It is better to be on the left side

Image result for images of driving on the left side

It takes two to know one and more to know you

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow

Peep before you speak

To put your best foot forward is to stay in one place

The boy is father of the man when the man has no father

Stewart Russell 2013