My God Is Blind

Read through carefully before forming an opinion or making an accusation!

 My God Is Blind

My God is colour blind
Colour matters not to him,
Reds or yellows, blacks or whites
His blood cleanses all from sin.

God doesn’t see our looks
Faces and shapes don’t count,
All that counts is that you and I
Come to his precious fount.

Colour stains are washed away
Then we too do not see
The colour of our brother’s skin
In the crimson flow that be.

Faces and shapes, not at all
They too mean nothing to us,
All differences become the same
Reflected in the light of Jesus.

Rich and poor are really one
In all their sin and wretchedness,
Jesus is blind to all else
Except our need and nakedness.

When once we come to him
Old things are now gone past,
New creatures are we in Christ
Blind to this world at last.

The caste system of our times
Positions of the high and the low,
God sees not these classes
Both of them need to know.

He sees their need of salvation
From the ultimate wage of sin
And until they turn to him
He remains blind to all within.

Jew and Gentile are alike
He sees in them no difference,
Abraham cannot change a Jew
Nor Paul a Gentile’s decadence.

He closes his eyes to their boasts
For nothing else really matters
Than the covering of Jesus’ blood 
Applied to the former and latter.

Blind to all we deem essential
Position, ethnicity and wealth,
Only because what’s important
Is the state of our spiritual health.

Seek God and His righteousness
And good things will be added to you,
Then you’ll be blind just like He is
And you’ll begin to see what is true.

For man accuses God of blindness
And says He takes no note
Of the injustices that are rife
And how the perpetrators gloat.

How He sits on His lofty throne
And if he could read a mind
Why not stop wrong before it happens?
Surely He must be blind.

But God turns a blind eye to such
To them who will fly in His face, 
And offers them great salvation
Compliments of His love and grace.

God is blind, yes in some ways He is
But only because He chooses
To give a chance to him who thinks He is
And that constantly His love refuses.

Grab that chance today
All that pretend they can see,
Outside of Him you are blind as a bat
And headed for a lost eternity.

In the nether land of the dark
There is no value in looks or colour,
No use in one’s position or ethnicity
Only the reality of eternity’s fire.

God will be blind to your predicament
And be deaf to your wailing screams,
To you His grace then ended
Still extended to the saved and redeemed.

In the times of ignorance He winked
But now commands He you to repent,
He will rid you of your spiritual blindness
Only in Jesus will your veil be rent.

            Stewart Russell © 2014