Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Christian Walk

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The Christian walk is not causal
But I dare say it is consequential,
It is not meritorious to our salvation
But regarding the same it is evidential.

We do not walk to gain salvation
We walk because we have gained it,
It’s not by works of which we boast
But a walk that becomes the habit.

This walk is characterized by love
Not by jealousy and envy,
It does not differentiate between the brethren
But seeks to dwell in unity.

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It reflects the character of Jesus
Who indwells us through the Spirit
And together with our heavenly Father
Our lives the Trinity inhabits.

Some believers regard it as the hope
By which we gain eternal life,
The Bible posits it as the evidence
Hence no need for brotherly strife.

We are called to walk circumspectly
Redeeming the time in these evil days,
Not walking in the counsel of the ungodly
But walking in the Christ-like way.

For he walked this earth before us
Setting the pattern we should follow,
So that as saints together in the Spirit
We continually walk the straight and narrow.

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In this walk we incrementally grow,
Each believer at a different rate,
But all together emulating Jesus,
Looking towards that unknown date.

Occupy till I come, the advice to heed,
Make full proof of thy ministry,
Do the work of an evangelist
For our reward is sure in eternity.
Stand therefore on the word of truth
And walk as a soldier of the Lord,
Be thou an example for all around
As you witness on the basis of God’s word.

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Honour Christ with both life and lip
And never from Devil’s jar take a sip,
Whenever you stumble or even slip
Remember the Spirit is there so take a grip.

Do not be contentious regarding the word
Instead highlight its fundamental truths,
Commit to the Spirit as he speaks to you
And let your walk be the obvious proof.

Stewart Russell © June 2017