Monday, July 17, 2017

On Your Ninetieth

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Ninety years ago today
Our mother saw the light of earth,
Ninety years ago this day
Was the celebration of her birth.

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Today we celebrate with her
This remarkable milestone
And give Almighty God the thanks
That she did not make it on her own.

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For He has been with her all the way
Even before she walked with Him
So that subsequent to that first birth
The second birth took care of her sin.

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Mom, we give thanks today
For the time you have spent with us
But more than that we are grateful
That you point us all to Jesus.

Your life is a wonderful example
Of a life given over to Christ,
No wonder you made it look so easy
Each time you made a sacrifice. 

For the sacrifices were many
That you made for all of us
And what is particularly noteworthy
You did it without a fuss.

No news clippings and fanfare
No cameras, lights and red carpet
But lovingly you embrace us all
And your giving was a daily habit.

Every one of us to a single soul
Votes unanimously on this day
That you are a woman of great virtue
In whose life God holds full sway.

We know that with the passing years
Pains have racked your frail body,
Your independence has turned to dependence
And you have lost much mobility.

You mightn’t recall a lot of things
But we are not very far behind,
While you have taken a long time to reach
We have arrived there in half that time.

In your face we still see the beauty
That attracted the man of your dreams
And how we wish he were here today
But that was not to be part of the scheme.

Together you made a secure abode
In which your children were able to live
And the lessons we learnt from you
Are the greatest gifts that you could give.

We have passed them on to your grands
And the great-grands too are picking up
But be it known to all this day
We were privileged to drink from your cup.

With God you have reared a family
That has stood the test of time,
We salute you Mum on your ninetieth
You are definitely one of a kind.

Like you, our days too are numbered,
We know not who’ll be the next to go
But like you we have Jesus
Who will help to cushion that blow.

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So we raise our glasses together
In a toast today to our Mom,
You have weathered the hard times well
And still find time for fun.

Not of the griping, complaining type
But of the grateful and godly kind,
A woman who understands the nature of family
Mom Russell, you are definitely one of a kind.

Let us today bow our heads in prayer
As on God’s blessings we reminisce
And thank Him for this matriarch He has given
And for a remarkable day like this.

Stewart Russell © July 2017