Tuesday, July 12, 2016

On Your Wedding Day

Four women hold prominent places
In this simple man’s earthly life;
Two of them are his mother and his sister,
The others are his daughter and his wife.

Regarding that topmost position
His mother would have held that space,
However with the fact of marriage
His wife took over that place.

As you have already reasoned out
Second spot then belonged to Mother,
However, with the fact of procreation
That place was taken by another.

In the year 1986, on the 23rd of May
There was a delightful, assertive yell,
A little girl had announced her arrival
Mummy and Daddy called her Lynelle.

As we gaze upon her dazzling beauty
On this most remarkable Father’s Day,
Note the splendiferous bride she has made
She is all yours, Chris, is all that we can say.

Chris, we give to you this woman
Straight out of our treasured chest;
Not many items are stored there
But she is undoubtedly among the best.

I have no doubt that you will cherish her,
I have watched your every move,
You more than went beyond the call
To us that obvious fact to prove.

Just to let you know though
That Lynelle still holds second spot
In that treasure chest of mine,
To Lynette and me, she really means a lot.

If you should grow weary of her
Don’t touch a hair on her head,
Boy, I tell you on this your wedding day
You would wish that you were dead.

Let me hurry on to state, though
That I have no such debilitating fear,
Both Lynette and I are convinced
By your obvious and conscientious care.

Lynelle, your mother has trained you well
And I have simply tried to comply
With the two women in our household
Whom Neither Michael nor I would dare to defy.

This is not to frighten you, Chris,
No, Lynette and I have no such design,
We have put much into this young lady
Whom to you, today God has assigned.

Some of my friends have asked me,
“Aren’t you going to miss Lynelle?”
Listen to what I have said to them,
Listen and I want you to listen well.

It was for this moment we raised this child
Who today stood before all of you,
We give God much praise and thanks
That she has finally said, “I do.”

But if at some time she gets the feeling
That she would want to visit our house,
Only a visit, I would want to assure her
That room now belongs to me and my spouse.

I say to you both today, value well the counsel
Given by Pastors Hunte and Cumberbatch
And when the challenges come, as they will,
To one another, become even more attached.

For you have committed yourselves
To one another for the rest of your earthly life,
So Lynelle, we simply say to you today,
Go with our blessings and make Chris the best ever wife.

Stewart Russell © 2016