Thursday, July 14, 2016

No Loss Only Gain

Lynelle Caines's photo.

The number of our household
Once four is now three,
Lynelle married Christopher
Leaving only Michael, Mummy and me.

Now three mouths to feed
When before it was four,
Well that is for now
Until both of them knock on our door.

Did I say knock? What knock?
I must be out of my head,
Lynelle did not return the key
She decided to keep it instead.

Free passage I suppose
To the homestead at Callenders
Since we made no demands
The house-key is still hers.

It’s a win-win situation,
By now you should have grasped
That Lynelle uses her head,
She is good at that craft.

A home away from home
Two homes I hope you see,
She is free to move to and fro
So says Michael, Mummy and me.

But she can’t come without Chris
Unless of course he allows,
It is to him she said I do
It is to him she now bows.

Chris is a very fine fellow,
He’s always welcome at our home
So that either of them can visit
But we wish neither comes alone.

With open arms we’ll greet them
And then gladly see them off,
I do she said, he said
And to each other pledged their troth.

Stewart Russell © 2016