Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Wedding

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I once attended a wedding
Though not in person
And there I met some people
The most important was God’s Son.

The guests were of all types
Many of the rich and influential,
The middle class were in attendance
And also were some poor people.

Jesus was at that wedding
Along with all his disciples
John recorded it in the Gospels
In John chapter 2 of the Bible.

It was held in Cana of Galilee
And the mother of Jesus was there,
When all the wine had run out
Before her son she would appear.

This could have been embarrassing
For they should have been enough
So the fact that the wine ran out
Presented a situation most tough.

“They have no wine,” she said to him.
“What is that to me?” He replied.
“It’s not yet my hour,” he also said
And to the servants she turned aside.

“Whatever he says you must do,”
Were her words of brief instruction
And not very long after this  
Her son went into action.

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“Fill the water pots with water,” he said,
And they fill them to the brim,
“Draw out now and give the governor.”
He next instructed them.

Like on so many other occasions
It was Jesus that made the difference,
The governor spoke to the bridegroom
Of it he could make no sense.
Normally the best wine is served first
Then after, that which is worse,
However not so at this wedding
For the best wine was the final course.

When Jesus is in the marriage
The worst is passed away,
The wine he gives is truly great
It’s the dawning of a wonderful day.

As I read the record of this event
I thought of the ending of time
When the bride will be the church
And the groom will be Jesus, the Divine.

A wedding of weddings that will be
At the marriage supper of the Lamb,
Today the “whosoever” is invited
That is every girl, boy, woman and man.

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Jesus provided the wedding garment
Made available by his precious blood,
No other attire is necessary
And our self-design garbs are no good.

A man once attended a wedding
But refused the garment provided,
Bound hand and foot he was cast out
And in outer darkness he resided.

Do not take Jesus’ invitation lightly
Respond to him today,
To be prepared for that coming wedding
Is by far the better way.

Stewart Russell © July 2017