What God Cannot Do

God cannot lie
I’ll tell you why
He is not a man
He sticks to His plan.

God cannot fail
In any detail
He keeps His word
Has forever endured.

God cannot change
What He has arranged
There is no need
That’s His creed.

God cannot lose
Doesn’t have to choose
Never in a pickle
Nothing so fickle.

God cannot die
A mystery, oh my
His Son’s sacrifice
For the world sufficed.

God cannot reject
But His Son, respect
Whose death for all
Was His Divine call.

God cannot go back
His word does not lack
The power to do
He sees it through.

God cannot bypass
Even a simple task
Done for His child
Or the weak and mild.

God cannot smile
On sin or its style
It he fiercely detests
And abhors its mess.
God cannot do more
Than the open door
For us he has assured
In Jesus our Lord.

God cannot renege
Even though we beg
To cast us into hell
If His word we repel.

God cannot refuse
A sheep that did choose
Life in the Saviour
Having found His favour.

God cannot bend
From beginning to end
He who sets the tone
Is God and God alone.

God cannot bow
In the future or now
Lord of life is He
Cannot bow you see.

God cannot sleep
But allows His sheep
Rest in His beloved
Son from above.
God cannot accept
The unbelief we project
But promised to protect
Those he did elect.

God cannot deceive
A soul He has received
To be His very own
Whom Jesus did atone.

God cannot repent
Regarding His intent
To save the penitent soul
And take him to his goal.

Stewart Russell © 2013