The Truth about Truth

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Tell me, “What is truth?”
Pilate did query
As Jesus stood before him
Judge and jury

Since then man in his quest
Have done nothing less
Than his very best
To put The Truth to the test

Still he asks, “What is truth?”
Amidst the evidence and proof
That the Bible supplies
Yet man ever denies

The Truth stood there alone
Facing Pilate on his throne
Not concealed in a shroud
Yet Pilate gave in to a crowd

Was Pilate really sincere?
Was The Truth not there?
Right in his very zone
Standing before his throne?

How honest had he been?
What really had he seen?
Did he not recognize?
Or was The Truth disguised?

Perhaps blinded by the throng
And scared of Caesar’s frown
He did not see the obvious
Standing before him was Jesus

Standing there was The Truth
Not hidden in a booth
Right out in the open court
Void of human support

Though we cry out in our need
It’s truth for which we plead
Jesus born of Godly seed
Does not fit our selfish creed
O that we could see the light
Of Truth so pure and bright
And claim Him as our own
And bow before His throne

It would be better for us
To catch a glimpse of Jesus
Than be swiftly swept away
By earth’s carnage and decay

For when all is said and done
What will you do with The Son?
That was The Truth incarnate
Standing that day before Pilate

Back then Pilate could not see
Now it appears neither can we
For we make The Truth the lie
As The Truth we sorely defy

“What is truth?” is my demand
On whose word am I to stand?
Is this Jesus lunatic or liar?
What about him should I desire?

He, The Truth the Bible esteems
Is still obscured by evil schemes
Of myths, legends and mystery
Of our so called science theory

“Once upon a time”, we go
About a billion years or so
The “big bang” story unfold
Believed by millions untold

The faith of many shaken
Not seeing but mistaken
Fell prey to such a ruse
The Truth they had refused

They discuss scientific law
Sneak in an error or a flaw
Then add some make believe
Their theories to receive

They say their lies are true
In the attempt to deceive you
Never mind they have no proof
For what they call the truth

But you fell for the plot
Now delusion is your lot
Feeling lost is your state
Hell looming as your fate

Help me Lord before I die
Jesus hears the penitent cry
How I made The Truth the lie
Help me Lord before I die

Just like Peter in the storm
Here’s your chance to be reborn
Call to him out of your heart
Now’s the time to make that start

Regard it not a shame
To call upon his name
You’ll never be the same
By him truth is made plain

The truth has been revealed
Sinners Jesus will receive
Abundant life to them he gives
As his life in them he lives

Do you still ask, “What is truth?”
Do you still require more proof?
Did Jesus bear the cross in vain?
And from it you derive no gain?

A sad, sad story you’d have told
Having not on him laid hold
Lost through all eternity
Life without Christ, what tragedy!
Truth is really the Gospel call
Jesus came to die for all
Why not come to him today?
Do not any longer delay

Stewart Russell © 2013