Tell Me If You Can

What is a gift?
Is it a myth?
How does one get it?
Is it given on merit?

Does it depend on diligence?
Or is it maintained by vigilance?
Must I strive so to keep?
Never a wink, shut-eye or sleep!

To whom is it given?
To those who have striven?
To those who have worked hard?
But not to me, a simple retard?

What is it really?
Do some get it clearly?
Do some have it just barely?
While others not even nearly?

Tell me, what really is a gift?
Should its offer cause a rift?
Between the ‘we have’ and ‘they have-not’?
And the ‘want to be’ and the ‘only we got’?

Is a gift so divisive?
To cause sharp tongue so incisive?
Does it make one abusive?
Of those considered non-inclusive?

Is a gift given for a time?
Then exchanged for a lime?
Does it have cost?
And can it be lost?

Can I keep the gift?
Though I sometimes go adrift?
Can I maintain its possession?
Even in times of my transgression?

Can I keep its treasure?
Though I incur the giver’s displeasure?
Is it easy to lose?
When wrong I choose?

How much wrong must I do?
To lose it, tell me, can you?
And if I do, is there still hope?
Do tell, what must I do to cope?

This gift, must it be bought?
Is it also for the distraught?
Is it for the rich and wealthy?
And them that are spiritually healthy?

Is it free and available?
Or is it only for the able?
Is it for the who-so-ever?
Or for some: never, never?

For this gift what is my debit?
Is there nothing to my credit?
Is there nothing, no, not a trace?
Is there nothing in my space?

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Did you say there’s news for me?
That some one has paid my fee?
That the gift to me is free?
That it is mine eternally?

That no man can take it away?
Not now, not tomorrow, not today?
In whose care then am I kept?
Who watched over while I slept?

Is it not God who gave it to me?
Is it not Christ who paid my fee?
Is it not the Spirit who lives in me?
This gift is forever, can’t you see?

Offered to me, how could I refuse?
Understanding how could I not choose?
Why now would He take it away?
Could I be saved yesterday but lost today?

How long is eternal life?
Could it end with some evil strife?
Does God have to wait?
To see if one will be late?

Does He take it away then give it back?
Is one born again and again, something like that?
How much does one sin before he is lost?
What is backsliding, what does it cost?

Can you answer all these?
Tell me, can you, please, please?
Can you tell who’s lost and who’s saved?
Is one saved just because one behaved?

By His mercy was I not justified?
By His grace am I not sanctified?
By His love am I not satisfied?
So where can I run away to hide?

Does He not supply me day by day?
Does He not guide me along the way?
Is His banner over me not love?
Does He not watch me from above?

Does He not find in me a home?
And promised never to leave me alone?
Why should I fear that I might slip?
And thus forever lose my grip?

Is it not God who holds my hand?
Is it not God in whom I stand?
Why should I fear when He is near?
Why should I doubt when He is here?

Of His forgiveness can I be sure?
Or is He looking for something more?
Can I on Him completely depend?
Or like some just merely pretend?

What is a gift I ask again?
Are you still struggling to explain?
Have you by faith its treasures claim?
Are you convinced that He can sustain?

Will you in him place your trust?
Will you shed the doubt and skip the fuss?
Will you walk with Him as he with you?
Will you rest in Him to see you through?

Is there another question to ask?
Will this job be an unfinished task?
Can I ask one last question of you?
Is working to keep a gift still your view?

Stewart Russell © 2013