Stewie's Silly Snippets Volume 3

Weather Forecast

What awful wet weather these last two dry days!
Having rained for a week the weather forecast says.
The rain began yesterday and has fallen so long,
Raining the whole week and the forecast isn’t wrong.

Sun out and Snowed in

The sun was so hot that it snowed all night,
The night was so cold as the sun shone bright.
The sweat on my brow was like frozen ice,
It wasn’t a great feeling but just simply nice.

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Strong Delusions

Wood sharpens iron I know you would agree,
Steel can’t bend or break, try it and you’ll see.
Fools get wiser, the wise getting dumber,
Been here a long time but just getting younger.

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Which is it?

Here I am at the beginning starting the ending,
Yet I am at the ending beginning the starting.
If I am starting the end just when I am ending the start,
Would it be cart before the horse or horse before the cart?

Mule Sense

A horse is always a horse of course, that is that!
And poor donkey’s always a jackass, that’s a fact!
A mule is neither an ass nor horse, just a mule,
And will often grow up to be a stubborn old fool.

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A Play on Word Twins

Hustle and bustle, tit for tat,
You hit me I hit you back;
Pros and cons, law and order,
Conflict still, crossing the border.

A Play on Proverbs

Many hands make light work,
Too many cooks spoil the broth,
Ask my companion if I be a thief,
A soft answer turns away wrath.

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A Play on Family

If your parents did not have a child,
Chances are you will not have one either;
Matters not how wise or otherwise,
There’s no offspring without a “him” and a “her”.

A Play on Family

Grandchildren are God’s gift to parents
For not killing their children
When they had reason to;
For had they given into to that spontaneity
Grandchildren would have been a mystery.

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My Absurd Blood Line

Before Daddy came about
Grand-daddy had fallen out;
Won’t happen to me,
I’ve got two already and going for three.

How Come?

How come numbers go beyond seven?
There are eight, nine, ten and eleven;
Shouldn’t be any after seven, you see,
Seven ate the rest for dinner and tea.

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Someone Like You

Someone like you came into my view,
I was positively sure it couldn’t be you,
If it were you it could not be like you too,
Study for a moment how this must be true.

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Stewart Russell © 2013