Stewie's Silly Snippets Volume 4

Convinced or Confused?

Today is yesterday’s tomorrow; that’s clear,
Today is tomorrow’s yesterday; yes, that’s fair;

Yesterday is the day before today, that’s my call,
The day before tomorrow is today; quite on the ball;

“Day before yesterday” is yesterday’s yesterday; come again,
Yesterday is “day before yesterday’s” tomorrow, what a strain!

“The day after tomorrow” is tomorrow’s tomorrow; right somehow;
Tomorrow is “the day after tomorrow’s” yesterday; confusing now.

A Cracked Head

If perchance it hurts your head,
Be assured, you’re alive, not dead,
If somehow you can’t feel the pain,
Check to see if there’s a red stain.

The Sound of the Clock

Listen to the clock
Do you hear tick tock?
Listen again!  Does it not click?
It appears to be going tick, tick.
It’s just the sound you think you hear,
It’s all in the mind; to me that’s clear.

When Blue Is Not Blue

When the sky’s blue it’s a delight,
Yet when I’m blue it’s a fright,
What colour blue is my frame of mind?
And the blue of the sky what is its kind?

Here of Late

Late may be recent or it may be time,
May refer to the dead as one may define,
One who dies early may still be late,
Matters not the age, late is the state.

Diseased or Deceased

Deceased and diseased sound pretty much the same,
They can be related but not of the same strain,
For the one who is diseased is still alive
But the one that is deceased awaits his last drive.

An Addition to the Alphabet

Why must we cross “T’s” and dot “I’s”?
Why not cross “I’s” and dot “T’s”? Oh my!
Then my “I’s” be “T’s” and my “T’s” could be
Some brand new letter in the ABC.

Bang off Target

What a Big Bang!
Out of nothing, a clang!
Suddenly the world came to be,
Formed by itself all that you see.
And could I believe this fad,
I really would have to be mad.

Shun Big Bang

What an explosion!
What a delusion!
Some jumped to a conclusion
Big Bang caused fusion.
Pardon my intrusion into your confusion,
I rather take creation instead of evolution.

I Still Wonder

About the dish and the spoon,
About the cow and the moon,
About Hickory Dickory Dock,
About Bo-Peep and her flock.

Did anyone save the spoon?
Did they chase it to the moon?
Did the mouse get up the clock
In time to find Bo-Peep’s Flock?

Stewart Russell © 2013

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The Nature of Powder Soap

It is really Fab
To watch the Foam
Gazing from the beach
Though you’re all alone.
Or the swelling Tide
In the evening Breeze
Ebbing and flowing,
It’s a moment to seize.

Due to my madness
I couldn’t take my pill
After it had dropped
In a bucket of Sudsil.

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One Religious Sect to Another

Said one religious sect to the other that be
You’ll never be happy you’re too Sadd-u-cee
The other replied you’re no better than me
You are long lost and much too Phar- i-see.

A nearby sect who thought he could Scribe
Said they were foolish; both sects he denied
Yet did not believe in the Jesus that died
Though he saw him on the cross crucified.

This final one may be silly to the world but to them that are born again it is the power of God unto salvation.

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A Note to the Religious

The religious hope to find God some day
But trust not Jesus who shows the way
The only mediator between God and man
Outside of him no religion shall stand.

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The blood of Jesus is all too precious
To the saved not the just religious
Religion can never change the heart
The cross of Jesus is the place to start.

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Stewart Russell © 2014