Stewie's Silly Snippets Volume 2

Dyeing for a Living

There was a man who dyed for a living
Dyeing for people he waited on their giving.
One day he died and dyed no more he could
And was buried in a box of black dyed wood.

Language Switch

Download and upload each a technology name
Off load and unload once were spoken of our cane
Recycle bin was unheard of but we had a trashcan
Hard drive will not get you to town but try a ZR van.

That Hair Thing

A round-up might having a square back mean,
An all off could very well be a head shaved clean
Dread locks” doesn’t mean securing one’s home
And plaited hair is not a style for women alone.


TV: torn vest, tek vision, tall vase
Trapped in violence, mind in a daze
Sexually promiscuous, all in a craze
Tantalizing, fantasizing, stuck in a maze.

Stewart Russell © 2012

Galvanize and Truanting

Truanting on de house top between de gabled roof
Tinking up a lie to tell to make it sound like troof.
Galvanize hot fuh days, muh feet burning just like hell,
Galvanized into action when uh hear de school bell.

Past Time

Past time, time past, all is time,
So much to do can’t steal a ‘lime’.
Clock ticking away, away ticking clock!
Trying to make a living on this little rock.


Box in, box out, box in de ‘mout’,
Box cover open, words drop out.
Mama was quick to see de ‘pout’,
Fist landed right below de snout.

What Absurdities!

Train running on square wheels with a silent sound,
Sitting passengers standing and walking around,
Twelve o’clock at midnight in the hot midday sun,
Pray tell me how could such foolishness still be done?

Stewart Russell © 2012