Stewie's Silly Snippets Volume 1

A Play on Crunch

Day in and day out I does look forward to lunch,
In de hotel I hear it is dinner at a wedding it is brunch.
In dese hard times there is a noticeable crunch,
Dah’s because people still eating ain’t dem a silly bunch?

A Collection of Words

Bunch dem flowers dey,
Put dem in a bouquet.
Nobody like dem en serving hey!
Foolie, you can’ see dis is a buffet?

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Yes, there is an ‘Ell’!

Ting-a-ling, ting-a-ling hear my bell!
Um is right in de corner where I fell.
See right over dey by de uncovered well?
Dat is exactly how my head get swell.

Present, Sir!

To receive a present oh, that is very pleasant!
Yesterday’s past, the future’s not yet, today’s the present.
If she’s not present then she’s not here you must record her absence,
Present de present at de present time if she’s present: that’s more than tense.

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Stewart Russell © 2012

All is Fair

Ah, yes de fair is done!
Today’s fair, check de sun!
All that’s just is fair.
The fair-skinned girl went to the fair on a fair day and won fair and square.


You would you should you could
But you hadn’t and you didn’t.
You can’t you shan’t you won’t
Ignore an important task, you mustn’t.

A Grave Matter

It’s a grave undertaking
To see a body not waking
Undertaker salary making
Soil over grave raking.

The Santa Fantasy

How could a fat Santa down a narrow chimney climb?
How could his white beard never black soot find?
Why is he not charged for breaking in my house,
Which doesn’t have a chimney not even for a mouse?

Stewart Russell © 2012