Stewie's Proverbs Volume 3

All the world loves excepts he who hates

Missing the bus is more than a mile of walking

Behind every woman there’s a man

Spiritual eyes see beneath the skin

Barking dogs never bite while they are barking

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Beggars choose to beg

Bad and good money have the same value

An old five dollar is more valuable that a new one

Feathers of a bird stick together

People eat both big fish and little fish

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Men are men but women try to be

Cheats prosper till they are discovered

Cowards may die many times but heroes die once

Crime pays a high wage

The cloth comes first the coat after
The wolves take the last hind
Distance limits the view

Don’t cut off your nose to hinder your breathing

Always look a gift horse in the eye

Always put the cart before the horse when backing up

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Pearls are safe with swine

Give a man a fishing line and he will feed you many a day

He who laughs last gets the joke last

He who laughs first is quick he who laughs last is dull of wit

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  Stewart Russell © 2013