Stewie's Proverbs Volume 2

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The law is an ass but the judge is a mule

Tomorrow is another day so was yesterday

Fire is hotter than friction

A two-headed man doesn’t make sense

Where there’s a will there are relatives

Work expands after every contract

Don’t judge a book without a commission of enquiry

Age is troubling to the ageing

Sweetened honey is sugary sweet

Bricks made of straw are tricks

What’s sauce for an adult is a slap for a youngster

The more we change the less we’re understood

A king sized bed does not bring king sized sleep

Brooms do not sweep people do

Never hire a woman whose work is never done

A picture cannot paint and neither can words

A wooden key wouldn’t unlock a wooden lock

A politician’s promise is a five-year debt

None of us has more than a little knowledge

Lawyers know law their clients know the truth

A person is known by the company he works for

A chain is no prettier than the neck it’s around

The cost of an apple is less than a doctor’s fee

People are accident risk

Good things come to he who works

Stewart Russell 2013