Stewie's Proverbs Volume 4

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In the kingdom of the blind there’s no one eye man

It’s safe to be on the best side

Plan for tomorrow and live for today

Nothing is everything

Never go to sleep on an argument if there’s a bed

You can’t get blood from a stone but you can get blood with one

You are never too old to learn but too young to understand
Misers are rich beggars

It’s no sense in locking the stable door if the horse has bolted it

Money doesn’t grow on trees but fruits do

Opportunity knocks at some people’s doors repeatedly

 If you want a thing done well pay an artisan

Silence is golden but money speaks

Spare the rod and save the tree

Sticks and stones may break bones but words add insult to injury

You lose your money on the swings as well as the roundabouts

The difference between the past and the present is time

An idiot can see but a fool is blind

Foolishness is sense to a fool but folly to the wise

What you don’t know doesn’t hurt but a little pain goes a long way

A loser quits whether he’s ahead or not; a winner wins
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I do means I am finished and we have begun

Idle hands do no work

A poor workman seldom has tools

He that worries about the past is a present worrier

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There are no silly questions only silly answers

Stewart Russell © 2013