Stewie's Silly Snippets Volume 5

Pure Economics

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Once a man named Joey
Went to borrow some MONEY
One half he spent to build a shack
The other he used to pay it back.

Now and Then

If you knew then what you know now
You would have wondered then
If you could somehow
Why you left till now
What you could have done then.

What a Language! 
Two different sounds
Row and row
Similarly in the case
Of tough and though
What a language
With such idiosyncrasies
Where similar spellings
Could be mysteries!

All in the Past

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How they tickled us
With nursery rhymes!
So much we could buy
 With nickels and dimes!
Now all of this is a thing of the past
Somehow we knew it couldn’t last.

A Simple Riddle

Can you guess this riddle?
Can you reach beyond the scribble?
Can you sift through my dribble?
And find something describable?

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What is it you know that you do not know?
Or what is it you do not know that you know?
Could these really be one and the same?
Or are they different in our little game?

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Do you know the answer to every question?
If not then you know that you do not know.
If on the other hand you think that you do,
You’re either God or a fool; you know which is true.

The Merry Go-round
I was on a merry go-round
Full of laughter and much fun
When I realized it was the world
All of a sudden my fun was done.

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I thought of jumping but could not
Those who had tried had simply rot,
So I decided to stay for the full ride
Jumping off was not mine to decide.

How Are You Looking? 
Look up look down!
Look over look about!
Look across look around!
Look in look out!
Look after look now!
Look on look through!
Tell me right this minute
What you know that you always knew.

A Strange Phenomenon

I sometimes wonder about this world
Turning on its axis; around the sun it twirls
People standing on the top and bottom
And all along the side
Why they don’t fall off I really can’t decide.

Take a simple ball; look at it carefully
All along the sides place people specifically
Up top they stand with heads held upright
At the bottom it’s opposite, what a fright!

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Sticking out along the side lying all around
As the earth takes a spin they should tumble down
I hear you say that gravity keeps us on the crust
But take a picture of my ball and tell me what to trust.

Stewart Russell © 2015