He Will Come Again

He will come again
He said he would,
He may come today…
What if he should?

Would you be ready?
Or still making plans,
For another excuse
Why last time you ran?

He will come again
Unlike the first time,
In his own words
“For those that are mine.”

He knows them all
And they know him too,
To each one of them
He is faithful and true.

He will come again
Oh you do not believe!
But he came before
Let none be deceived.

The first time he came
His own received him not,
But all that came to him
Salvation was their lot.

He still extends today
An invitation to one and all;
Before he comes a second time
Why not answer his call?

In 1 Thessalonians chapter 4
In the word of God we read,
That descending with a shout
From heaven he will lead.

All they that are dead
Will rise in that first group,
And who remain and are alive
Will form a numberless troupe.

It is this to which we refer
As being the first resurrection;
The second will be for them
Who are still showing rejection.

He will come again
It’s in the Gospel of John!
That once he went away
He’d come again; be informed!

He went to prepare a place
Where we can be with him,
But to be able to enter therein
We must be saved from sin

So the call goes out today
It is later than you think!
He’ll come again for sure
Quicker than the eye can blink!

For as lightning from the east
Shines even to the west,
So the coming of the Son of man
Will signal our eternal rest.

Today if you hear his voice
Harden not your heart!
Say yes to Jesus now
And be ready to depart!

He will come again
I know he will,
To miss this opportunity
Could be your bitter pill.

To feel you have time
Is an uncertain stance!
It’s the devil’s way
To make you take a chance!

Do not be fooled
Tomorrow is no guarantee,
This moment is yours
To prepare for eternity.

Jesus will come again
Like God he cannot lie,
It’s certain you will see him
Whether you live or die.

He will come again
He said he would,
He may come today…
What if he should?

Stewart Russell © 2014