It's Your Move

God made the first move
And He created,
Lucifer pushed back next
And he retaliated.

And thus began the war
On the draughts board of life,
Satan in his deception
Causing more and more strife.

The god of all selfishness
Versus the God of all Love,
Lucifer, son of the morning
Cast from heaven above.

A silly, selfish ambition
Beginning with the pronoun “I”
Saw war occur in heaven,
On earth many would die.

Victory number 1 to God
One-third of the angels fell,
Satan lost his place in heaven
And God created hell.

Satan became real mean
And got stuck in an evil groove,
Meanwhile God created man
Satan made the next move.

He pushed at Eve in the Garden
And got her to disobey,
Again selfishness reared its head
Satan had won that day.

Then God made a decision
To ban man from the Garden,
Adam and Eve were banished
Satan had started his kingdom.

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And so he pushed and pushed
And God countered by and by,
Cain killed Abel in his hatred
Yet another reason to sigh.
But another son was born
He sought the way of God’s word,
And round about that time
Men called on the name of the Lord.

But Satan was not finished yet
He had a few more moves to make,
He moved men to be very evil
And God’s word to forsake.

Every imagination was evil
Oh, they did their very worst,
God’s next move was a flood
For rain this was the very first.

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For forty days it rained
All but eight souls were lost,
Satan had ruined the day for man
But God was still the boss.

Noah came forth from the ark
And continued to walk the walk,
Even though he got drunk one day
And there was a lot of talk.

Satan was still determined
That he must have the last move,
But God was not sidetracked
He had some things to prove.

For a moment Satan thought
That all was going his way,
But God had moved to Abraham
That was a significant day.

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God was setting up the devil
And he didn’t even know,
In Genesis 3:15 God prophesied
About the serpent’s fatal blow.

For out of Abraham would come
One that would rescue man,
That was a four-stroke move by God
Delivered by His very hand.

The devil, limited in his sight
Did not understand this play,
And so he continued as before
Thinking all was going his way.

But God was always in control
From eternity He had planned,
The move He would eventually make
To deliver sinful man.

The four-stroke move He made
Removed much of Satan’s sting,
David became the prospect
And now Satan saw God’s king.

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King Saul had played the fool,
Satan snatched him from the board,
But King David would be a type
Of our coming King and Lord.

God made His greatest move
With the devil’s men in disarray,
The Christ child born in Bethlehem
On that first Christmas day.

The devil became desperate
And tried his evil worst,
To kill that tiny baby boy
Before he rid us of the curse.

But God was ahead of Satan’s play
And protected Jesus His Son,
Even though Satan thought he’d won
When Jesus died in the crucifixion.

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Satan misunderstood the cry he made
When Jesus cried, “It’s finished!”
For Satan that cry had really meant,
“You have lost!  You are diminished!”

In three days time the King of kings
Had risen from the grave,
Satan tried to keep him down
But Jesus vanquished that knave.

This game is now all but complete
With the Holy Spirit in control,
Why not open your heart to him?
It’s your move: hell or heaven’s roll.

Stewart Russell © 2014