Stewie's Proverbs Volume 5

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Adversity has few friends

After a storm comes a clean up

Salvation is eternal

East is west

Insurance is not assurance

A feast is more than enough

Every little is all there is

Several sides to a story one side to the truth

Fight fire with water

Finders villains losers victims

First impressions come easy

Fools have no fear of folly

That the obvious is not obvious to a fool is obvious

A fool will no doubt fool himself but he need not fool the whole world too

Intelligence is folly to the unlearned

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Foundation is established not constructed

God helps the able unable and disable

God helps the stable and unstable

It took one person to make a world

Nothing is better than best

No one knows the unknown

No news is no news

Was once a thief is not a thief

Once bitten get rid of the dog
It’s impossible to live with a perfect human being

If you can’t beat them you’ve lost already

Failure is an ended effort

Salvation is impossible without conversion

Prayer doesn’t do a thing God does

Two opposing views cannot both be right at the same time

There is a vast difference between doing and being

Just as I am without one plea was not meant for the rest of my life to be

When tomorrow comes it’s today

Your first gift today was today

Stewart Russell © 2012…