A Special Invitation

Born in a stable on the hay he lay,
Night has changed to glorious day,
Emanuel in Christ has come to us,
Our Saviour, whose name is Jesus.

Shepherds marveled at the sight,
Magi followed that glorious light,
They in adoration all had bent,
To our Redeemer from heaven sent.

You that wander in the dark of night,
Come to Jesus and give up your fight,
Call on him now, you won’t regret,
For in him your needs will all be met.

Burdened friend, loaded with care,
Listen now and him you will hear,
Calling to his wandering sheep,
He still sees on the hillside steep.

Planning to jump or slip away?
Listen again, “today’s your day,”
The Saviour has come to rescue you,
All you have done he can undo.

Willing and able, he said he would
Do more for you than you ever could,
His blood will wash away your sin,
If only you turn and come to him.

Now he calls why not turn and come?
Receive his power and be his son,
Hear the clock as it steadily ticks,
It’s him you need, not another fix.

Sin has dealt you some heavy blows,
Be not dismay Christ already knows,
Still he beckons again and again,
He died to free you from sin’s pain.

Stewart Russell © 2013